Alicia Duerson: Dave Duerson’s Ex-Wife

February 18, 2011

Meet Alicia Duerson, she is former NFL player Dave Duerson’s ex-wife. Her ex-husband played for some of the NFL’s biggest teams like the Bears and the Giants, the sad news about his death at age 50 has shaken the world of sports. Keep reading to know more about her and more interesting details you don’t want to miss.

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Alicia’s ex husband was the 50 year old former safety from Muncie, Indiana. He was a Notre Dame graduate with a BA in Economics. During his active years with the NFL he became the Chicago Bears’ star player earning the Walter Payton Man of the Year in 1987. This award is given to players in recognition of their charitable work, he stayed in Chicago until 1989. After that he signed with the New York Giants in 1990 and with the Phoenix Cardinals the following year. After his retirement in 1993 he got involved in the food industry business, becoming the proud owner of several McDonald’s and a sausage company that later became his own Duerson Foods, LLC. On February 17, 2011 the tragic news of his death has shaken our hearts, he was found dead in his apartment in Miami. Although there is no news about his cause of death, some media said that recent struggles might have ended his life at 50, allegedly his business was on a downhill spiral. We are deeply sorry to hear about his death, our prayers and thoughts go out to his family, which is what his ex wife Alicia has requested in a statement released after the tragic news.

“Our family asks that you please remember Dave as a good, kind, and caring man. He loved and cherished his family and friends and was extremely proud of his beloved Notre Dame and… Chicago Bears. Please keep Dave and our family in your prayers.”

His wife Alicia Duerson was along side him on the board of directors at Duerson Foods, she was his constant support and fan even after his retirement and mother of his four children, her eldest Tregg is already 20 years old, also a football player (Defensive Back) at Notre Dame, Mrs. Duerson and her children reside in Highland Park, Illinois.

She divorced her husband followed by a case of alleged assault from her hubby back in February 2005 when both were at the The Morris Inn in South Bend, he was a member of the Notre Dame board of trustees until a day after that incident, when he resigned. Mrs. Duerson’s husband pleaded guilty and charged with two counts of domestic battery against his wife who was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries and released afterward.

Sadly there is nothing else we can add about Alicia Duerson, if you know anything about Dave Duerson’s ex-wife please share it with us in our comments box below.

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Note** The woman in these pictures is not Alicia Duerson.

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3 Responses to “Alicia Duerson: Dave Duerson’s Ex-Wife”

  1. 1
    Rudy "Diggit" Duerson Says:

    Aunt Alicia please call my dad (317) xxx-xxxx

  2. 2
    Ann Lee Says:

    I have two questions for you—why were you not able to discuss your preferences for proceeding with cremation for your x husband with his family so that their rights to full closure could have been respected?
    What was the urgency in getting his body creamated prior to an otopsy to assist police with their investigation?

  3. 3
    Ann Lee Says:

    I would like to retract my comments about a possible cremation.
    However, there seems to have been other issues that were based on frivolous suits by family members that I do have issue with.
    This is not the type of family interaction his mother or father or ancestors would have wanted for him or other family members.
    This type of behavior needs to stop as it has no productive purpose.