Dennis Rodman: 42K Taxes Owed to Government

February 18, 2011

Though things are going well for his career, news just broke that Dennis Rodman owes $42K! Taxes that were apparently not paid by the former basketball star in California are being investigated. Will this affect his possible Hall of Fame? Get the full story, with more photos and videos, below.

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The former Detroit Pistons player has always been a controversial guy, but he has had a great and memorable athletic career. He is being honored for that now, but as far as the government is concerned, he is delinquent!

There may however, be a little mistake in this whole matter. According to the initial reports say that a lien for Dennis Rodman’s $42K tax debt was filed in May of 2010.

“On May 11 California filed a $42,497 tax lien against the 49-year-old with the Orange County Recorder of Deeds.”

The basketball star and his team are arguing these charges saying that due to recent events there must be an error. They say they recently received money from the government for almost the same amount!

“We just got a refund check from the state for $42,000 or $43,000,” manager Peggy King said. “If you owed the money, you’d never get a check from them. They would have taken his money. It’s got to be incorrect.”

It will definitely be investigated and figured out. During this time, his old team is retiring his number 10 jersey during halftime on the game April 1st. He is also in the running for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Hopefully, for his sake, he can settle this matter and enjoy his accomplishments.

What do you think about Dennis Rodman’s $42K in taxes allegedly owed to California? Will he ever end up having to pay? After you enjoy these pictures and video, leave me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Photos: Louis, Matthew Hynes, Johnny Louis

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