Bengals Release Chris Henry

April 3, 2008

The Cincinnati Bengals’ announced today that they are cutting wide receiver Chris Henry. This comes following him getting arrested for the fifth time in just over two years. The Bengals’ made the announcement that Henry would no longer be playing for them just before he was due in court to answer charges of assault and criminal damaging. He plead not guilty, but that’s not going to do him much good at this point.

In his four years with the NFL the 24-year-old Henry has already been suspended twice for bad personal behavior. He was suspended for two games in 2006 and for eight games in 2007. Its likely other teams will be hesitant to pick him up considering his record of causing problems for the Bengals. In the beginning it looked like he was going to have an outstanding NFL career, but it looks like he just can’t handle success. It turns out he’s a much better thug than he is a wide receiver. Over the past 28 months he was accused of possession of marijuana in Northern Kentucky, carrying a concealed weapon in Florida, drunken driving in Ohio and providing alcohol to minors in Northern Kentucky.

This latest incident occurred on Monday night in a nightclub in Cincinnati. There was an incident at the same club the night before, but Henry hasn’t been charged with that incident as yet. He is being accused of hitting a University of Cincinnati student in the head and throwing a broken beer bottle at him. He’s also accused of damaging the student’s car.

Henry is being held in a Cincinnati jail on $51,000 bail. The judge called him a ‘one man crime wave’. Ouch. Its reported that Henry is sullen, pouting and has a bad attitude about being arrested. Poor baby! I guess life is kicking him in the ass. No … wait … he’s kicking himself in the ass! It seems to me that he’s sullen, pouting and he’s got a bad attitude about just about everything. This guy has had a major opportunity handed to him and he’s thrown it out the window with both hands.

It looks like Chris Henry will be doing Life without the possibility of the NFL.

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