Gennaro Gattuso Headbutts Joe Jordan (Video)

February 17, 2011

AC Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso was caught heabutting Spurs coach Joe Jordan on video, he now awaits a severe ban by UEFA, but why did he do that? What could Joe possibly have said to Gattuso that got him to react in such a way? Find out about all the details inside that news plus check out Gattuso and Jordan’s video after the jump.

Gennaro Gattuso

What could have happened between the 33 year old midfielder from Corigliano Calabro, Calabria, Italy that for 12 years has been playing with AC Milan? Gattuso is no stranger to bad temper, since it is what has got him in trouble a couple of times, about 8 years ago he slapped his fellow Milan teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic who was playing with Ajax, two years later it was Liverpool’s Christian Poulsen who at that time was with Schalke. Today however it was not a current but former player who received a piece of the midfielder’s’s temper and a headbutt.

The man got an ugly kick on his forehead, the former AC Milan player, 59 year old Joseph Joe Jordan who is now Tottenham’s assistant coach along with Harry Redknapp. According to Gattuso’s statement, Jordan kept provoking him during their game on February 15th when he grabbed Jordan by his throat in the middle of the game (check that picture out here), and if that wasn’t enough at the end of the game he approached and headbutted him.

Gattuso’s rep added that Jordan allegedly called him a f****g Italian b*****d, but these accusations were denied by Coach Redknapp.

“This is a case of someone playing the race card, trying to deflect from what happened. Joe is not, and never has been, a racist. There is no chance of Joe saying that. He has the utmost respect for Italy and their people. Italians are among his close friends, he speaks the language and is a great admirer of their way of life. Joe never said anything. Why anyone would come out with this, after Gattuso has apologized and called his own behavior inexcusable, is beyond me.”

A moment later it was Gennaro Gattuso who released an apology for his behavior towards Joe Jordan, but gave an explanation why he was forced to react the way he did it. At the end, Tottenham defeated Milan 1-0 with a goal by Peter Crouch.

“I lost my head, I did things I should not have done and I take responsibility for that. Jordan busted my balls for the whole second half, but I should not have reacted like this. I apologize, and if a ban arrives I will accept it.”

Media reported that UEFA is still considering what kind of disciplinary action they would put on the Italian player, while others considered that the incident between them should be considered as assault.

What do you think they will do to him? Do you think the alleged insults the Scottish coach said to the Milan Captain justified this behavior? Check out the Gattuso headbutting Joe Jordan video below.

GattusoJoe Jordan
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Gattuso Head butted Jordan – Video

Photos: Brengola Diena

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