Joe Burkett: Lara Logan’s Husband

February 16, 2011

Do you know who is CBS correspondent Lara Logan’s husband? Sure we do, he is Joe Burkett and we can tell you many things about him, would you like to know more? I thought you did, so keep reading so you don’t miss out!

Lara Logan

We all know that Joe’s wife is the stunning 39 year old former Sports Illustrated model from Durban, South Africa. She attended Natal University and later became a well known, fearless journalist. In 2001 she was working for the British contractor Good Morning Television or GMTV , which now turned into ITV Breakfast. In 2002 she became a correspondent for CBS’ Wednesday 60 Minutes II, her hard work paid off and so she became CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent in 2006 and Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent two years later. The terrible news heard on February 3rd, about Joe’s wife getting detained along with her crew in Egypt while she was covering the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 in Cairo hit the world very hard, but even more devastating was the news that followed on February 15 when CBS released a statement saying that Mrs. Logan has been raped during the celebrations followed by Former Egyptian President President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation.

Joseph Joe Burkett is the 38 year old contractor for the U.S. State Department who met his wife while he was stationed in Iraq, at the time they met he was married to Kimberly, while Lara was getting ready to finalize her divorce from her hubby of nine years, pro basketball player Jason Siemon. it was rumored that she allegedly got involved with CNN correspondent Michael Ware, although nothing could be 100 % certain both men allegedly got into a fight over her, while 34 year old Kimberly Burkett, a US Embassy worker, accused Logan of destroying her marriage and causing her 5 year old daughter Ashley to live away from her. His daughter was three at the time her parents started a custody battle.

Mr. Burkett and his first wife were married for almost 4 years, the fact that he spent most of that time in Iraq ended up destroying their marital life, allegedly by the time he felt anything for the stunning CBS journalist he was already separated from his wife, who had asked him for a divorce many times before he filed for it in January 2008.

The fact that he did, because he was ready to allegedly start a relationship with his girlfriend who recently found out she was pregnant, KB reportedly succumbed into a depression to the point that she allegedly turned to a high daily dose of valium at her home in Ashley, Texas.

Joe Burkett’s divorce was finalized in August 2008 and just 5 months before their son Joseph Washington Burkett V was born in December 2008.

Although at the time they revealed they were expecting their first child together, they were not engaged, both talked about wedding plans in the near future. They did get married on a beautiful Autumn day in 2008. Mr. Burkett and his family live happily at their home in Washington, DC.

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Joe Burkett Wife
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