Lauren Hashian: Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Girlfriend

February 16, 2011

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is now divorced from his wife, but is he dating someone else? Does he have a girlfriend? Yes he does, her name is Lauren Hashian and she is stunning. Find more about her and the rest of the story below!

Dwayne Johnson

So by now you must know that Lauren’s boyfriend, former WWE wrestler/ actor and wrestler once again is a great guy, we have enjoyed watching him in the ring or with wings like we saw him in the film The Tooth Fairy. Sure with his muscular physique he gets cast as an athlete or a brave warrior, but hearing the news he has returned to the world of wrestling, has made us extremely happy and excited, I mean we are talking about The Rock, but we want to know who will be the lady sitting in the first row cheering for him or covering her eyes when he gets kicked, who is his girlfriend?

Well the truth is that we got a little carried away, he has stepped into the WWE once again after almost 7 years since he retired in 2004, but he will not be wrestling he will he hosting, so our girl won’t have to cover her pretty face and she still gets to look absolutely gorgeous as a spectator. Ms. Hashian is no stranger to the so-called celebrity status, she was born to a very famous father, he is the 61 year old former drummer John “Sib” Hashian from the rock band Boston, her mother is Suzanne Hashian, formerly known as Suzanne Miller (when she used to be married to Savvy artist Rick Miller), and she used to work as a Bunny at the Dallas Playboy Club.

As part of her resume, and I must say little resume since there is practically nothing about her, but we know that she was one of the contestants and finalists on the 2005 television show U R That Girl hosted by TLC’s members Chilli and T-Boz aired by UPN. The show consisted of girls trying out to be the third singer alongside the two remaining TLC singers. She was a finalist, 20 year old O’so Krispie, a choreographer from Atlanta, ended up winning.

She has joined her famous father on stage, contributing with her beautiful voice like when she did in 2005 when he and former Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau did a special concert, the following year she sang with her Dad’s band Earnie and the Automatics. Check out Lauren’s picture with her dad here.

She is 26 years old from Lynnfield, Massachusetts. She met her boyfriend in Boston while he was filming Game Plan in 2006, allegedly they started dating in 2007 but many questions as to whether or not she was the reason his wife at that time filed for divorce, some said he allegedly cheated on her with Hashian. Media reported that while he was filming in Boston they were allegedly spotted enjoying dinner at a restaurant, Davio’s in Boston, she even took him home to meet her family and it was rumored that her dad liked him. The first time these two were spotted together was while they were vacationing in Hawaii two years ago, you can see Lauren Hashian photos here.

Tell me, do you believe Lauren Hashian allegedly was the reason a marriage is now broken? Tell me what do you think of Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s girlfriend? Do you think they are still dating?

Dwayne the Rock Johnson

Photos: Judy Eddy, Digital Creations

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