Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2011 Shocking Winner

February 16, 2011

The win is not being disputed, but for many the Westminster Kennel Club’s Dog Show 2011 produced and unexpected winner. Hickory, a 5-year-old Scottish Deerhound took home the coveted Best in Show award. For more on the whole show, with great photos and videos, keep reading below.

Westminster Dog Show Winner  1

The show went on in Madison Square Garden February 14-15, with the finale being aired last night. This was the 135th event and it had some amazing and beautiful canines involved, but only one could take the top honor.

This breed of dog is reasonably rare and many people have never heard of it or seen this type up close. It resembles a somewhat hairy greyhound, as you can kind of tell in the photo above. Now that is not her, but you can see a picture and video here. She did an amazing job and it is nice to have a unique breed win the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show so we can all get a better look at it.

“For a lot of people at home, this is probably their first real good look at this breed.”

The 2011 winner’s handler, Angela Lloyd was very proud of her pooch, who beat out some amazing contenders. According to the LA Times, four other dogs were ranked in the top 10 of American show dogs, Malachy, a Pekingese, Beckham, a black cocker spaniel, Mister Baggins, a bearded collie and Adam, a smooth fox terrier. The winning deerhound has also done well in her career, and with her last show before retirement, she laid it all out there! Lloyd said:

Hickory “went in there tonight and she showed like she’s never shown before. She was solid and steady and even through all of the lights and cameras and the noise and spotlights, she came right through it.”

I think she is a beautiful dog and it is nice to see something different as the 2011 winner. What do you think about the results of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show? Were you cheering for another canine to win? After you enjoy some great pictures and video of the event, leave me your comments below.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Mary Bloom © Westminster KC/WENN

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