April Blackwell: Antonio Cromartie’s Ex-Girlfriend Nobody Heard Of Before (Interview, Photos)

February 17, 2011

A couple of days ago we heard about Antonio Cromartie’s former girlfriend/Fiancé and baby mama Rhonda Patterson, she wrote a book where she tells us about her relationship with the famous New York Jets’ Running Back, today I have the great opportunity to meet another ex- girlfriend, nobody mentioned her before but Rightfielders obtained the tremendous opportunity to have an interview with her, check that out plus April’s photos and video after the jump.

April Blackwell

Miriam: Hello April, thank you so much for giving us the time to talk to you.
April Blackwell: No problem, thanks for having me.

M: We are just dying to hear all about your story, but first we want to get to know you.
AB: Well, I am 26 years old and I’m from College Park, GA born in Atlanta, GA. I graduated high school in 2003 from Shiloh High School. Due to situations beyond my control and the Antonio situation; I had to sit out a year or two for school. I later went to college in Orlando, FL and graduated from Valencia Community College in Dec 2010 with an Associate of Arts degree. I currently reside in Tallahassee, FL. I have no children, but I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews and love them very much! I grew up in a 2 parent household and I am the youngest of 3. I have a brother and sister.

M: Tell me about your teenage years back in high school where did you study? Did you practice any sports?
AB: I attended North Springs High school in Sandy Springs, GA then later I attended Shiloh High school in Snellville, GA. I ran track and played Varsity Basketball. I can say I was a part of the popular crowd. I had more guy friends tho cus I was a tomboy some of my high school years. I did eventually grow out of that phase tho. I had one boyfriend in high school for about 3 years. I was still a virgin and was trying to hold on to my Christianity values. When I didn’t give into having sex, he cheated on me. That was my first cheating experience and I hoped that I wouldn’t go through anything like that again.

M: You are in college right now? what are you studying?
AB: Yes I am studying Family and Child Sciences with a concentration in Education at Florida State University. Go Noles!!!

M: So tell me when and where did you meet Antonio?
AB: In Feb 2007 my girls and I went out to this club called “The Moon” in Tallahassee, Fl. After the club, I was ready to go cus I had to go to work the next morning. At the time I had 2 jobs, loading trucks at UPS, waiting tables at Ramano’s Macaroni Grill, and I was a full-time student at Tallahassee Community College. Cro, what most people call him, pulled up in a red charger and I kept on walking. My homegirl stopped him and called me to go over there. I was like girl naw I’m tired. Cars don’t impress me, but it impressed my homegirl lol. I looked in the car and saw him, and he called me over. I didn’t wanna be rude and I thought he was cute so I said aigghtt what up!… He told me his name and he said he was living in ATL, but from Tallahassee and I said, Ahh shoot that’s where I am from, so I said ok here’s my number and he gave me his. At first when we started texting and talking, I didn’t really pay him a lot of attention. I was just trying to focus on school and that was all I wanted to do, but the more we talked the more I began to really like him.

M: When did you start dating? How can you describe your relationship?
AB: We decided to make it official in April 07. Cro text me every day in the morning, “Good Morning Bae”, which made me feel good cus I was tired from working at UPS. I’d get off at 9am and go to school at 10 am. He’d text me right about 10:10 am every day. We talked everyday and every night. We got to know each other for about 2 weeks before I even knew he was in the NFL. When he told me, I was a bit skeptical because I had been there done that with only 1 other person. My dad is a former NFL player so I know about that life, but I will give someone the benefit of the doubt before stereotyping them. Our relationship was long distance because of him traveling back and forth from San Diego, but since it was in the off season, he was in Tallahassee more often. He checked in with a phone call everyday when he wasn’t in town and even surprised me at times. I never suspected any infidelity or anything. He was a pro at it I guess! He was a sweet, funny, charming, guy. Rhonda couldn’t have said it better, the sex was definitely good. He wanted me to have his child and move to San Diego with him. I told him hold up on the kid lol, but if you are serious I’ll move with u to San Diego. I found a job, school, I had a car and everything. I loved um and I was wipped, I will admit. U do stupid ish when u whipped lol and he said all the good ish I wanted to hear. Then at the last second he told me he couldn’t go through with it. Little did I know, some other chic moved in instead of me, but I didn’t find that out until much later.

M: Did he tell you he was in a relationship? How was that you find out he was dating someone else?
AB: Girl no, I found out he was chillin with a young lady through myspace. We both were on his top 8 and she had her profile pic up with the 2 of them. I asked my bff to look at the pic and tell me what she thought. She said April, u need to ask him or ask her cus that don’t look right. So I hit the girl up and asked her very respectfully. She fired back at me like who the F$%# are u? She was more mad at me then him cus she thought I was lying about being with him. Then we started threatening each other and cursing each other out, it was a crazy mess! I laugh about it now, but that ish was soooooo not funny at the time.

Did you confront him?
AB: Yes, but not right away. About a week after it happened I did confront him and he told me she was lying about the two of them and that she was nobody to be worried about. He said they hadn’t done anything sexually. I believe him cus I was told never to believe a chic over your man. So even tho I believed him, I kept in contact with the girl just in case he was really lying, which he was. Later I found out I was pregnant and didn’t tell anyone. She told me she was pregnant too and I lost my mind! I didn’t believe her and she didn’t believe me. I finally told Cro, and he was mad saying he didn’t need any more kids. Now at that time Cro had 1 son, and later in our relationship I found out about 1 girl who was having a baby by him. It happened before me so I let it go. So In my mind he would only have 2 kids plus mine, right? Wrong!!! Not only was I pregnant, but 3 more chicks were too! So people get it twisted when they hear that these girls were crazy for dating him with all these kids. Let me explain something, this dude was a Frankie Lymon situation. I had no clue about some of the dumb ish he was doing and neither did the other girls. I thought he had only cheated on me with the one girl, which don’t make it NO better, but damn, u know? All these girls started coming out of nowhere! I said Lord what the hell have I gotten myself into. I got soooo depressed I ended up miscarrying, which freed me from the attachment to him, however it messed me up emotionally. I ended up stopping school and moved back to Atlanta to get myself together. It took 2 years to get myself together.

Do you know all of his baby mamas? ( in your Twitter you have Tallahase in there do you know Rosemita Pierre) if that is so how do you get along her and the others?
AB: I do know 3 of them. The one I caught Cro cheating on me with, we are cool as hell now lol its crazy how that happened. We talk almost every day through text, phone, or twitter. I do not know Rose, but I do know of her. They have talked to her and they told me she is cool peoples. For the most part all of the baby moms get along pretty well with an exception of 2, but I won’t get into that lol.

M: I see that you know Ms. Patterson, her book is awesome isn’t? How did you feel when you read about her story, she must have mention it, but the way she tells it in her book is overwhelming.
AB: Rhonda and I were not cool for a long time, but we just recently talked and cleared up everything from the past. I haven’t read the book yet. I just ordered the book and I can’t wait to read it. She has been through a lot, if not more than I have when it comes to Cro. So knowing a little bit about her story adds sense to mine and the rest of the girls. It’s like putting a puzzle together of how everything happened.

M: Did you talk to him after you split up?
AB: We broke up in the summer of 07 in July. Yes, ish didn’t last long after that mess. We did talk for a short period, but after a while we stopped talking. All I tried to do was get an apology and I would never get one until 2008 when I went back to Tallahassee to visit my home girl. He had his celebrity weekend and after his party, we met up and talked. I told him what he put me through and what damaged it caused. He apologized, however I didn’t really believe him because he lied too much. I figured we were somewhat on good terms, but when I came to San Diego for my job and to visit one of the baby mammas that year; he acted brand new when I saw him. It was already awkward being there with one of his baby mommas but damn. We ended up going to a game and it was so weird. I never went back to San Diego ever again and I haven’t seen him in person since.

M: How did you manage to keep your relationship with him in secrecy for so long? Rhonda mention one she found girls thing in his room, were those your or do you think he was dating more women besides you two?
AB: I wasn’t trying to keep our relationship a secret; evidently he was from all the other girls he was with. None of those items were mine that Rhonda found, but one of the other baby moms found a letter I wrote to him in his house and that’s how she found out he was lying and I wasn’t. I do not know who those items could have belonged to, it ain’t no telling.

How did you recover from his betrayal? Was it hard to trust love again?
AB: I went on an encounter retreat at my church in Atlanta, GA and got rid of a lot of hate in my heart and other things in my life. I got re-baptized and that was just the beginning of the healing process! God is the reason I am ok.
At first, it was really hard to date again. I just chilled out for about a year and I did not want to try to trust a man again at that time. I knew at some point I would have to because I want kids and I want to get married some day.

M: What are your plans now? Are you in a relationship right now?
AB: I ended up running back into someone that is an Alumni at FSU and we are dating now. We been together almost 2 years and he is the reason I am back in school. He really is a great guy and I am so happy to have him in my life with all the stuff I had been through. He is NOT an athlete thank God! He is a regular guy, with a regular job, with high goals in life. I love him very much.

M: Do you see yourself writing a book about your experience? or any other that you think will help others?
AB: I don’t want to write a book, however mentoring young woman about men is one thing I would do. I have already taken the time to talk to some young girls about my life and what I went through, not just with Cro. You really take a chance when dating someone that’s an athlete. Some women like the fame, the money, the social aspect of it. Me, not at all. I don’t need all of that. I have always been independent, even when I was with Cro. People may judge me and say, she knew what she was doing, or she nothing but a gold digger, or whatever. I say, u have no idea about my life and what I been through. If you knew me, then none of that would come out their mouths. A girl that dates an athlete is already categorized as a gold digger or hoe. Well, let me tell yall something, I am far from it. I always had a job and did what I had to do to make ends meet the right way, never begging from a man. I hope people realize and understand that every girl is not that way. I am definitely not that girl.

M: April, thank you so much for Rightfielders and our readers to get to know you and for opening your heart with your story, we appreciate it so much.
AB: Thank you for allowing me to share it.

Here are some of April’s photos that she was so kind to share with us, check those out and tell your thoughts about this story and feel free to ask Ms. Blackwell any questions or send her a message.

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April Blackwell Video
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