Jemma Thomas: Gareth Thomas’ Ex-Wife

February 16, 2011

Meet Jemma Thomas, she is rugby player Gareth Thomas’ ex-wife until he came out as gay. Follow us into the life of this former sports WAG, find out how she met her ex-husband, how did she react to the news about him playing for the other team, and how is she doing now? There’s so much more, so don’t miss Jemma Thomas’ photos in the great links in our story and our video after the jump.

Gareth Thomas

We all remember Mrs. Thomas’ ex-husband’s sexuality scandal but we also know he is the fantastic 36 year old Rugby player from Sarn, Bridgend, Wales who started his career as a fullback and centre with Pencoed RFC during his teenage years followed by Bridgend, Pontypridd, Cardiff, Celtic Warriors, Wales Irish Lions and the Cardiff Blues and ultimately the Crusaders in 2010. His life will be brought into the movies with Mickey Rourke, which makes me wonder who would portray his ex-wife? But what do we know about the former Mrs. Thomas?

34 year old Jemma Thomas from Wales met her rugby stud when both where just teenagers, she was 16 years old and they were at a friend’s birthday party, they became inseparable, best friends, never in her mind the thought of him not liking girls crossed her mind. They started dating on and off until one day he proposed on Christmas, 2000. Their wedding came on a beautiful sunny day in August 2001, in South Wales town of St Brides Major. The happiest day of her life she thought, she was now married to an extremely handsome man who she adored, everything was going to be perfect and it seemed to be, they never had a big fight, they both had a job they loved and that provided them with what they needed and more.

He proved to be very supportive to her when she suffered her first miscarriage a year after they got married, she was 10 weeks pregnant, same after the second in 2003 and her sad third miscarriage during their 5 year marriage. No doubt the most terrible confession came to her ears when they were in France at that time since he was playing for Toulous and she just quit her job as a manager in a furniture store, the man she had love for all those years told her he was gay.

“When Gareth told me he was gay, it felt like a complete catastrophe, as if my whole world had caved in. But I will always be grateful to him for telling me the truth when he did. He could have waited until I was 50 or 60, when it would have been very hard for me to start over on my own again. But he loved me so much he wanted me to have a second chance, while I was still young enough to take it.”

She was 30 years old and felt completely devastated, betrayed and angry, she left France and moved to Wales to her parents Judi and Trevor, she later changed her mind and returned to her husband in France, they tried to keep on with their lives as a married couple, but then it became unbearable to her, it was not fair to her or him to be living a lie so in late 2006 she decided to split up and start the divorce procedure in 2007; the divorce was finalized two years after they separated.

Her mother talked her into moving to Spain into a house they have owned for years, so she moved to Alicante, Spain where after she felt her heart was ready to love again she found love.

Over two years has passed after she arrived in Spain, she is now in love, works as an accountant and when she looks back at her life she feels no regret about marrying her husband.

What do you think about Gareth Thomas’ ex-wife? What would you have done in her place? Do you know anything more about Jemma Thomas that you’d like to share?

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