Mark Kerrigan: Nancy Kerrigan’s Brother

February 14, 2011

Meet Mark Kerrigan. The troubled brother of Olympian ice skater Nancy Kerrigan is at it again. Apparently, he’s reportedly back behind bars for failure to comply with the terms regarding his home confinement. Find out more telling details and see photos and a video right here!

Mark Kerrigan

Mark Kerrigan is awaiting trial for manslaughter charges regarding the death of his elderly father, Daniel Kerrigan, but he has landed himself in the clink for other reasons. Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

As a biography, not much is known about Mark Kerrigan. However, he is most-known as Olympian ice skater Nancy Kerrigan’s brother. He is 46 years old and resides in Stoneham, Massachusetts. He is being charged for manslaughter in the death of their 70-year old father, Daniel Kerrigan.

This time, Mark is apparently in violation of his mandated alcohol screenings and was unsuccessful with passing a number of random breath tests at his home. Even though the four tests were calculated below the legal limit, he still violated the conditions of his probation. It is said that between 11 to 11:30 Saturday night, Kerrigan blew a .035, a .025, a .036 and a .029 which ultimately lead to his arrest. According to his attorney, Mark was fighting a cold and allegedly took cough syrup to suppress his symptoms.

A spokesperson for the Kerrigan family offered the following statement regarding Nancy Kerrigan’s brother:

“Mark has been 100 percent compliant with all aspects of his probation. His attorney is looking into the issue of medicines he was taking and we continue to support Mark.”

In other news, Kerrigan claims that he was too intoxicated to talk to law enforcement following the death of his father and reportedly wants those statements thrown out! He says that he was too drunk to “voluntarily waive his right to be silent”. As reported by police, Kerrigan allegedly became involved in an altercation with his father and he later died. The family continuously stands by his side, assuring that their dad suffered from a heart condition and that Mark was not responsible for his passing.

This is a very tough situation for a family to endure…but it looks as if they are taking these steps together. Tell us what you think about Mark Kerrigan in the comment box. Also, be sure to check out photos and a video clip below.

Mark Kerrigan Photo 1Mark Kerrigan Picture 2Mark Kerrigan Picture 3
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Photos: Tesfaye

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