Jose Canseco Cooperating With The MLB!

April 3, 2008

Former Pro-Ball player Jose Canseco was questioned by the Major League Baseball Department of Investigations this past Wednesday before his book signing at a Barnes and Nobles in New York. Timing is everything! Just two weeks ago Canseco, a previous steroid abuser, accused famous Yankees player A-Rod of using steroids. Many sources are claiming that Canseco is out to get revenge against A-Rod because of a possible romance between the Yankees star and Canseco’s ex-wife Jessica! Canseco isn’t a stranger when it comes to pointing the finger. The twice divorced athlete also previously accused his former baseball peers McGuire and Sosa of steroid use, just in time for the release of his second book! Before his signing, Canseco met with two gentlemen from MLB in a bathroom at the book store. Details of what took place have not been released but I’m sure there’s a strong chance Canseco will be cooperating with the investigation!

For more photos of Jose Canseco click below.

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