Chloe Cruize Conrad: Shane Warne’s Affair?

February 8, 2011

Who did cricketer Shane Warne have an alleged affair with? Is this the girl whom he allegedly cheated on his girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley with? Yes, reportedly she is, her name is Chloe Cruize aka Chloe Conrad, Jessica Jane and yes she is an adult movie actress quite known in the U.K. Read our story to know all about this news, information about her, plus see her video below.

Chloe Cruize

We know that the stunning actress split from her hubby and has been cuddling with Bad boy Shane Warne, but just days after the world started to realize he and Hurley were an item, they split up, the reason? According to media she found out he had been allegedly texting some girl, surprised? Not really, I mean his wife reportedly caughthim several times texting his alleged mistresses until they finally ended their marriage.

Later we found that the Warne not only texted this girl but allegedly slept with her, sure Hurley and Warne are together but judging from her tweets she is about to walk away, did she find out who was the girl her boyfriend had an alleged affair with? Not sure for now, but we know who that famous girl is, Ms. Cruize is a well known adult movie actress from Australia who moved to the U.K where she started modeling and later starred in these infamous films. See Chloe’s pictures here.

The 26 year old actress, who is also known as Chloe Conrad and Jessica Jane, said she met the famous cricketer through a mutual friend. According to the Sun she and Shane exchanged text messages during the same time he began dating his girlfriend, Cruize also added that they allegedly slept together in the same suite he did with his girlfriend in the Bentley hotel.

These are the text messages they exchanged.

“Let me know if you want to party in London one night” to her text he texted back.

“Hey Chloe, only one night??? Hahaha I’m in… Busy till ­Monday… But in town for three weeks, be great to catch up xxx.” Said Warne, who added after she joked about bringing a friend over, except he didn’t know she was joking. “Can’t wait Chloe!! Look forward to it…Let’s party!!! I have royal suite at the hotel so should be fun xxx”, adding later: “PS so excited Chloe!!! Me you and a friend yum!! Hahaha xxx, “Ps just want to check something with you Chloe, hope you don’t mind… It can be our secret yeah? Between us? X,

She also had something she wanted Liz to know that if she thought for a second he was a changed man, she is mistaken since even on the days he was with her, he would be allegedly texting her.

Cruize was born on June 21, 1986 in Southport, Queensland, Australia. She later moved to New Zealand where she attended High School, although she described herself as kind of a geek, she ended up dropping out to become a stripper and moved out of her grandparents’ house and moved to Auckland City. Before she was 20 she was already stripping at a club named Mermaids.

After she moved back to Australia, soon she was on her way to new adventures, between Japan, Thailand, Nepal and Egypt until she finally settled down in England where she started in the adult business.

First was the television show Babestation and soon into adult movies like On Call, Unplanned Parenthood, Fill Her Up 4 to name a few.

What do you think of Shane Warne’s Affair girl (alleged, of course)? Would you like to add anything about Chloe Cruize? Check out the video below.

Chloe Cruize

Chloe Cruize Video


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