Tiger Woods Spitting on Dubai Green (Video)

February 14, 2011

Tiger Woods is at the Dubai Desert Classic, could it be possible he is sent home packing after he was seen spitting on the Dubai green? Besides being heavily criticized over that, Tiger might also be banned because of it? Watch Tiger’s spitting video after the jump and find out the latest sports news around the world.

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When a golfer misses a putt, they get frustrated, others get really angry but Tiger released his emotions by spitting on the grass, a normal behavior among some athletes like baseball and soccer players. You must remember Cristiano Ronaldo spit after a game, media said he did so on the camera men, no harm done there, but releasing this kind of body fluids is not well observed in Dubai. When Tiger spit on the 12th green at the Dubai Desert Classic, he was severely criticized by the event commentators.

In other Sporting news, PopSugar revealed Alex Rodriguez and girlfriend Cameron Diaz, who have become inseparable these days, were spotted in the Dominican Republic to attend the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony where A-Rod was honored.

TMZ has the interesting video about a certain actor who has been having some serious drug and ladies trouble, yes that is Charlie Sheen, he took some time to give an anti-drug speech to UCLA Baseball Team.

While some media are saying it is a girl for Victoria and David Beckham, Popeater said Posh swears she doesn’t know whether they are having a little Posh or another cute Becks.

Bumpshack reveals Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams and her hubby, former NBA player Eric Williams have split up and divorce papers are coming very soon.

The Grammys were filled with big time celebrities, but they also had a sports celebrity among their presenters, let me rephrase that, a sports champion, that is Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews who was on stage along with Glee’s Lea Michele. Check that out via The Bleacher Report.

SB Nation brings a funny video where you’ll see LeBron James pushing Rajon Rhondo, who apparently has mastered the art of espionage.

The Epoch Times reports one of the best goals in soccer this past weekend came from Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney and his bicycle kick giving his team the victory 2-1 over Manchester City.

Now back to our Tiger Woods spitting in Dubai, as crazy or ridiculous as it sounds Tiger might face a fine after that incident although no word about the amount has been revealed, news reported by the Daily Caller.

There you go, these are some of the most relevant latest news in sports all over, share your comments with us and don’t miss Tiger Woods’ videos below.

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Tiger Woods Spitting on Dubai Greens – Video

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Mark Davidson

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