David Beckham: Stranded Driver Gets Saved By Football Star

February 14, 2011

Talk about being a knight in shining armor! When Paul Long’s car was having trouble, who other than David Beckham came to his rescue. The stranded driver was shocked when the British soccer star helped him push his car, so he told him he loved him! Get the full story below, with more photos and videos too.

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The stunned UK citizen called up BBC Radio 5 to tell the nation about his encounter. It was a rainy day and in the middle of a busy roundabout, the father who was taking his kids to school was surprised anyone would stop.

The footballer is in England training with the Tottenham Hotspurs during his off season with the LA Galaxy team. His house is close to where the incident occurred and so when he was driving by, he decided to stop and help.

“After 10 minutes a car pulled over and a figure got out wearing a hoodie. As he got nearer it became apparent it was David Beckham.”

After that was confirmed, the stranded driver managed to ask him to help push the car out of the way and he did. Before leaving his car he made sure to tell him how he felt and said, ‘Thanks David, I really love you.” Paul became an even bigger fan of the gorgeous athlete and excitedly told BBC Radio 5 all about it.

“I have always admired him but I’m his biggest fan now, although I feel a bit stupid that I told him I loved him. He’s a genuinely top guy especially as he braved the rain to do what he did.”

What do you think about the actions of David Beckham? Stranded drivers everywhere may now be hoping that they get the same experience (well, at least I am). What celebrity would you want to save you if your car broke down? After you enjoy these great pictures and video about the heroic actions, leave me your comments below.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Anthony Stanley, Ian Wilson

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