Michele Cao Fitch: MMA Jon Fitch’s Wife

February 13, 2011

Meet Michele Cao Fitch, she is MMA Jon Fitch’s beautiful wife. Would you like to know more about her? Find out all the interesting details about this stunning Sports WAG, her marriage and so much more in our story plus you can see her video after the jump.

Jon Fitch

As you all know Michele’s husband is the 32 year old fighter from Fort Wayne, Indiana where he grew up and graduated from High School. After HS he attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, he graduated with a minor in History and a Bachelor degree in Physical Education. He started his career as a wrestler in 2002, and as a wrestler he holds a record of 23 wins out of 27 fights. His upcoming fight will be against BJ Penn during UFC 27 in Sidney, Australia, so I suppose his beautiful wife will be there to support him just like she has always done for the past several years, right?

Michele Cao, her maiden name before getting married, started dating her hubby in 2004. After five years of dating her longtime boyfriend, still celebrating his victory over Tiago Alves, proposed to her. Before he asked Michele he asked for her parents’ permission. The date for their engagement came on Sunday July 12, 2009 just a day after his victory at UFC 100 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both were spotted celebrating with friends, his bachelor party was on August 13, 2010 just less than three weeks before their big day at Tabu Ultra Lounge at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their wedding came on September 4, 2010. It was a very beautiful, romantic and private ceremony surrounded by their families and closest friends. What about children? Well no children for the moment, but once Michele’s hubby said they might become parents in the next year or so. Check Michele Fitch’s wedding pictures out here.

What do you think about Michele Cao Fitch? isn’t she beautiful? I think so, do you know anything more about Jon Fitch’s picture perfect wife? Check out these photos and video below.

Jon Fitch 1
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Michele Cao Fitch Video

Photos: wikipedia.org/ The Doppelganger

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