Marie McCormick Kruger: Eliza Kruger’s Mother

February 10, 2011

Meet Marie McCormick Kruger, she is Eliza Kruger’s mother. Eliza has been referred to lately as New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez’s 17 year old friend who went on a date with him. According to the news, Marie is a beautiful, divorced woman mother of four who was allegedly partying from club to club with her 17 year old daughter, is that true?? What truth can she tell about her daughter dating the Jets QB? Was she with her when they met at a night club on New Year’s Eve? Who was her husband? Keep reading to find out!

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By now we all found out that teenager Eliza Kruger has been linked to Sanchez, the news broke just a day ago and has become a viral topic nationwide, with the great guys at Deadspin being the pioneers of that news, certainly without revealing her name but soon everybody knew who she was. According to Deadspin, she was the one who reached out to them and told them how she met the Jets QB and allegedly spent the night at his home, took pictures of what she said was his bedroom. Certainly after this kind of news became public, the media has become crazy over her, at one point she appeared about to cry. A reporter even asked if she regrets talking to DS, she had no comment nor did her mother.

49 year old Marie McCormick Kruger went to Providence College where she got her BS in accounting. She became a certified public accountant and got a job at Greenwich Capital where she met her soon to be husband sometime around 1985, 1986. Marie quit her job in 1990, a year after she started dating Mr. Kruger.

By the time she was 29 years old she was married, the date was February 9, 1991. This was her first marriage and second for him, he has two children from his previous marriage. She became a mother for the first time to her twin sons Andrew and John born on May 13, 1992, a year after that Mrs. McCormick Kruger welcomed her daughter Eliza born July 29, 1993, who became the big sister to baby girl Bailey born on September 26, 1996.

Her husband, 57 year old Konrad R. Kruger, graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, CT in 1975 when he got his BA in economics and in 1977 got his MBA from Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College. In 1977 he started working with Chemical Banck, when he left he was their Vice President followed by his time as CEO at Greenwich Natwest Investment Bank in 1983 until 2000, Greenwich Capital. In 2003 he co-founded the Investment Management Firm Five Mile Capital, he owns 78% of GMAC, which is the commercial real estate subsidiary of General Motors. Marie and her husband own homes in London, Connecticut, New Orleans, Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

Marie dedicated her full time and attention to her family, she also enjoyed renovating their luxurious homes and played sports like golf and rowing. But on October 24, 2000 trouble in her marriage started to show which was also the first time they filed for divorce, the second time came a year later but they withdrew the papers in order to save their marriage. Reportedly Marie found out her husband was allegedly cheating on her with a woman described only as Nicole, her hubby said he didn’t to get even from her alleged betrayal in their marriage. It has been rumored that Marie allegedly met with a man in a restaurant some time around 1994, this same guy allegedly met with her a couple of years later at a hotel.

Her hubby also said that during the time they were trying a reconciliation she allegedly had an affair with her rowing coach, this pushed him to file for divorce a third time on October 24, 2004. Their divorce trial started in 2006, coming to an end on 2007.

In relation to her daughter’s alleged relation with the famous QB, Marie had nothing to comment and the same action was expressed when she was asked about whether she did or didn’t go out to night clubs with her daughter.

“Eliza has been going to clubs since she was 15, sometimes with her mom,” said a source.

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