Terricka Cason: Antonio Cromartie’s Wife

February 9, 2011

Meet Terricka Cason, she is New York Jets Antonio Cromartie’s wife and mother of his ninth child. Find out how she met her famous husband, about her role on VH1’s Candy Girls, her wedding, child and so much more in her biography in our story plus take a look at Terricka Cason’s photos and video provided below.

Terricka Cason

Well Terricka’s hubby is the controversial father of nine children with eight different women allover the U.S. who signed with the New York Jets in March 2010. He has been making a buzz ever since news of his many child support troubles with his many baby mamas have been revealed, one of them even wrote a book about her relationship, which makes us wonder what does Mrs. Cason have to say about that? Is she afraid her hubby might return to his old life style and cheat on her? Or is she not worried about that because she is 100% positive her hubby is a new man? Let’s find out!

From what we saw of Terricka Cason on VH1’s Candy Girls, if she has something to add about her hubby’s ex fiancĂ©e writing a book, believe me she would have said something already, and I wouldn’t be the one to tell you, you’d know just like the entire Nation. It’s not that she is scary, well maybe a little, but this girl knows what she wants and how she wants it, and she is not afraid to do what she has to to get it, Girl Power? That and something more, but either way how we complain, I mean have you seen her? She is stunning!!!

28 year old Terricka Lynne Cason was born in E. St. Louis, Illinois, but raised in California where she went to high school and college, while at high school she was into Gymnastics and track. After HS she went to California State University Northridge where she got her double Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Theatre when she was just 20 years old.

Her dream was to become an actress, but modeling was natural to her and with that face and gorgeous body it is obvious she became part of Los Angeles based model agency Bella Talent. She has been in several music videos for Keyshia Cole’s I Should’ve Cheated, Jay-Z’ Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Run It by Chris Brown, Party Starters by Will Smith, Lil Wayne’s Got Money and Lollipop, R.Kelly’s Slow Wind, Nick Cannon’s Dime Piece, Three 6 Mafia’s Dope Boy Fresh, Stevie Wonder’s So What The Fuss plus many more.

As a film actress Terricka has been in three movies such as Ways of the Flesh, Mtv’s Wild’n Out and All you Got. And we all know she was on Nick Cannon’s 2006 television series Wild N’ Out and her three episodes on Leah London’s 2009 reality show Candy Girls along with Olivia Jones, Kysha, Danielle Crawley, Blanca, Brooke Bailey and April Roomet broadcast by E!

She started dating her football stud in November 2008 and became Mrs. Cromartie on July 2nd, 2010. Just three moths after she became a mommy for the second time, the couple’s first child Jerzie born in April 2010, her eldest girl is Jordan Trinity from a previous relationship. They live in Los Angeles where she also likes to get involved with children with autism.

Share your comments and additional information about Antonio Cromartie’s beautiful wife and check out Terricka Cason’s pictures and fantastic video below.

Terricka Cason 1 2Terricka Cason Cromartie 1Terricka Cason photo 1Terricka Cason Photos 1Terricka Cason Pictures
Terricka Cason Cromartie Pictures

Terricka Cason video

Photos: www.wenn.com/ PNP, Meet The Famous, Fayes Vision

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3 Responses to “Terricka Cason: Antonio Cromartie’s Wife”

  1. 1
    Terricka Says:

    LOL I received a google alert and its an article about Me.. U def know me well enuff 2 kno I will speack what I want. And although my husband asked that I not even acknowledge this stupidity regarding the women scorn.. I will just say girl its been 3 yrs go sit down somewhere no1 cares, and I’m in No way worried about my husband going anywhere.. Thanks 4 all the compliments I assume u follow on twitter.. Give me a shout out and let me kno who u are.. I would of given u an interview… :) @iluvterricka

  2. 2
    Beverly Says:

    Well, it is great that you are not worried, you two really look amazing together, but since he is a famous football player it doesn’t matter how many years go by, people will always care.

  3. 3
    funny Says:

    funny they just got married and after 30 s3c he already unfocused (notice how she had o grab his wonder head at (0:28)… he’s a dog n hope rhonda n the other bbm get all they deserve.. all the while remember when u lay wit a dog u take the chance of waking up wit fleas…btw that the same dress his first wife had just a different back.. hahahah