Rhonda Patterson: Antonio Cromartie’s Girlfriend

February 8, 2011

Have you met Antonio Cromartie’s girlfriend and baby mama? Her name is Rhonda Patterson and well she is at least one of the so many women who gave birth to the famous football player’s baby even though he is married. For her it is payback time she is revealing everything in her book and we will tell you all about that and about her! Plus see Rhonda Patterson’s photos in the great links in our story and our video after the jump.

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We all know that her ex boyfriend and baby daddy is the 26 year old New York Jets cornerback who had been in legal trouble regarding child-support, paternity suits and visitation agreements from his eight baby mammas. He recently made news by calling Tom Brady an as*****e and now he’s done it again! Well this time someone else put his name in the news. Ms. Patterson is one of the eight women all over the United States who has given birth to at least one of his nine children. She is telling very juicy details about her estranged relationship with the former San Diego Charger, the suffering and lies but despite everything she thinks of him as the best man she has made love with, certainly she used other words. Check out Rhonda’s pictures here.

But 28 year old Rhonda Patterson Rodgers is not just any of his many flings, or Baby Mama #6 as many call her, she was in fact his girlfriend, fiancée or at least that is what she believed to be, in her book “Love, Intercepted: A Tale of Football, Falling and Failing in Love” she described the happiness she felt when she was with him, she never called him by his name in her book she called him just “HE”. He, the man she met through Facebook in 2005, the same one she loved and understood because he was allegedly raised poorly without attention and love, he couldn’t be a real man who couldn’t communicate his feelings, but he had no trouble talking to her in bed. Check out Rhonda Patterson’s photos here.

The same one that in February 2008 proposed to her in Hawaii, who she was going to marry in Atlanta in June 2008 surrounded by over 200 guests who had already received an invitation. But, they called off their wedding in the 11th hour (a week before the wedding) quoting that he just wasn’t ready so he asked her move in with him. He allegedly kicked her out of his home in San Diego just two weeks after she moved in because according to him, he needed some time alone and that also happened while she was 6 months pregnant. The same man who never called her when she gave birth to their daughter London Jaye, who is now two years old and who has seen her father just a couple of times.

Yes all this is found in her book, that according to her is not meant to punish him or put him in a bad light, but to stop women from making the mistakes she did. Ms. Patterson also describes how hurt she felt when she allegedly found out about his infidelities ever since they were together and even more when she discovered that another woman was giving birth to his child two months after she gave birth to London on October 16, 2008.

“I came across other women’s jewelry, greeting cards he’d received from other lovers, and sex paraphernalia that we had never used. I was furious,” she said, This is from her book:

“One man, six women, five children and a jilted bride—and that’s just the first half. Love, Intercepted is the highly anticipated, debut novel by attorney and author Rhonda L. Patterson. This true story reveals her intense and emotional walk down the aisle with a highly touted and highly paid professional athlete. Before she can say “I do,” her relationship crumbles under the weight of concealment, dishonesty, and infidelity. She chases a dream but wakes up in a nightmare. In this quick-reading page-turner, Patterson welcomes us into her fast-paced and seemingly fabulous football love affair. Love, Intercepted gives the opportunity to share in her secrets while empathizing with her pain. For most, there would be no getting up from a blow such as this, but Patterson’s recovery is as astounding as the novel itself. Her story rouses and inspires.”

Rhonda Lynn Patterson, a Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina native, is a 1995 graduate from Chaloner Middle School, a 1999 graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill, a former Miss Black North Carolina who now earns a living as a corporate lawyer, daughter of communist activist and a television personality in their hometown, Deborah Robinson. For Ms. Patterson, writing comes natural to her, she once wrote a monologue centered on Black women’s behavior, during her college years at the University of North Carolina she was part of the Delta Sigma Theta sonority, she also created A Degree For Me where she helped other African American teenagers get scholarships and financial aid for their education. And who might or might not earn publicity for her book which is sold at $10.95 at shpbooks.com? Tell me what do you think of Antonio Cromartie’s former girlfriend?

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2 Responses to “Rhonda Patterson: Antonio Cromartie’s Girlfriend”

  1. 1
    Bethy Says:

    Do you believe she is not trying to get fame and tons of $$ out of this? He is hardly a man but still Rhonda sounds like pretty hurt to me.

  2. 2
    Carlie Says:

    This girl wants publicity, indeed!