Puppy Bowl VII: A Big Win For All!

February 8, 2011

Sunday was the 7th annual event and it was a huge success! Puppy Bowl VII was played on Sunday before Super Bowl XLV and really showed some star players! For more details on this awesome event, with more photos and videos that you don’t want to miss, keep reading below.

Puppy  1

The Animal Planet game uses puppies from all different animal shelters and puts them on a miniature football field and let’s them play. They drag around toys and somehow scores and penalties are called. Their main goal however is to raise awareness.

Melina Toporoff, who has run the event for the last 4 years says her goal is to find lonely dogs homes.

“It’s really a call to action,” Melinda Toporoff told CNN. “We want to raise awareness for shelters everywhere and get more puppies adopted.”

Their efforts are definitely working. Puppy Bowl VII had 8.6 million viewers and throughout its history 250 little dogs have been adopted. When you see a photo of the participants and watch them run around on a little football field how could you not fall in love.

Shelters from all over the country, even the U.S. Virgin Islands, apply to have their animals participate and Toporoff says it is so hard not to say yes to all of them. For the actual game there is not a lot of technical strategies other than making sure the pups don’t get to exhausted. Check out a behind the scenes look at the program here.

Kittens and hamsters also get to participate as cheerleaders and the cats do a half-time show. Did you tune in for the second biggest game Sunday? There are some Puppy Bowl VII highlights in the video below and some cute pup pics just for you. What do you think of the annual event and who was your favorite? Be sure to leave me your comments below!

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