Super Bowl XLV Winners: Green Bay Packers (Results, Highlights, Video)

February 6, 2011

The Green Bay Packers are the Winners of Super Bowl XLV after they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers. Keep reading to know all the highlights of this amazing game, find out what the final score was, who were the stand up players and so much more. Plus check out the best moments of Super Bowl 2011 in the videos after the jump.

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The Green Bay Packers are celebrating their fourth Super Bowl championship! The first was back in 1967 against the Kansas City Chiefs, the score was 35-10, second came in 1968 against the Oakland Raiders 34-14, third one in 1996 against the New England Patriots 35-21 at the Louisiana Superdome and last from Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas by defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers with the final score of 31-25. The Green Bay Packers claimed themselves as the new Super Bowl XLV winners, well done Packers!

The first quarter looked more favorable for Green Bay, the first touchdown by Nelson from a pass by Aaron Rodgers when the clock was on the 3 minute and 51 seconds mark put the score 7-0 in favor of the Packers. During the 3:34 minute, the Packers scored their second touchdown by Collins. In the second quarter Suisham gave the Steelers 3 points with a field goal kick from the 33 yard line.

But Green Bay was not over with their punishment to the Steelers and this time Aaron Rodgers passed it to Greg Jennings, scoring their third touchdown on the 2:31 mark in the second quarter. The Steelers were not going to close the first half of the game with that sour taste of defeat in their mouth so on the minute 0:39 in the second quarter we saw a pass from Big Ben to Hines Ward.

The second half started after the Black Eyed Peas performed some of their best songs with the special appearances of Slash and Usher and now it was the tough guys who were meant to give their fans what they came for, the Packers were winning 21-10. The Steelers, who had Polamanu on the field now and they were not going to give up so easily. So it was on the 10:22 minute mark in the third quarter Medenhall scored their second touchdown of the night putting the score 21-17, but the Packers had Jennings scoring their fourth touchdown with a pass from Rodgers in the third quarter. They were still celebrating when the Steelers scored another touchdown (pass from Big Ben to Walllace) putting things very dangerous for the Packers, the score was now 28-25, in the fourth quarter. It was the Packers’ Curtis who added his team’s final three points with a field goal. The final score was 31-25 with Green Bay winning the Super Bowl! Check some of the highlight pictures in Super Bowl XLV here.

Sadly but inevitable are injuries, Green Bay’s Charles Woodson left the field with an injury to his collarbone, in the first half he wasn’t able to return to the field but he did watch the rest of the game and celebrated with the rest of his Champion teammates at the end of the game.

Congratulation to the Green Bay Packers the Super Bowl XLV Winners, special congrats to Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson for their outstanding performance, Well Done Guys!!! Go Packers!!! Check the best moments during Super Bowl XLV below and don’t forget to leave us your comments and messages to the Packers!!

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Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV Video

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