Beth Franklin: MMA Rich Franklin’s Wife

February 5, 2011

Have you ever met MMA fighter Rich Franklin’s stunning wife? Her name is Beth Franklin and she is gorgeous!!! Would you like to know more about her? Then check it out in our story below plus see some of her photos and video after the jump.

Beth Franklin

Beth Franklin’s husband is the 36 year old fighter from Ohio. He got his master’s degree in Education and bachelor’s in Math from the University of Cincinnati, like Canadian fighter Hague he was also a teacher before becoming a fighter for the UFC. Once he became a wrestler in 1999 when he defeated Michael Martin during World Extreme Fighting 6, there was no turning back to teaching math, he holds a record of 28 victories out of 36 fights 15 won by KO, not bad!! Definitely not bad is his wife who is in fact a fantastic, extremely good looking lady with a smoking body, so who really is Mrs. Franklin??

Well his gorgeous wife used to work as a teacher at Reading High School. in Reading, Ohio, she met her hubby while both were at high school in Ohio, they started dating when both were in college.

For Beth keeping herself busy is a must while her hubby is in training, even more when a fight is coming so she will be with her trainer at the gym of hanging out with her girlfriends, not that she is planning to get into the UFC herself she just likes to keep that hot body of hers in the best shape and believe me she does. She eats healthy during the week and gets off that diet during the weekend, took kickboxing for 5 years year and now trains with physical trainer Amy Sibcy at the Powerstation Gym.

Her stunning body was featured in the pages of Men’s Fitness Magazine, check out Beth Franklin’s pictures here.

But how does she feel about her hubby beng a fighter instead of a math teacher?

“When Rich is fighting, it’s hard for me to breathe. I stay pretty relaxed until he walks out to the Octagon. Then my entire body starts shaking as I try taking pictures. I just worry about him getting hurt. I know he prepares fully for each fight, which is comforting, but it is still really hard watching the person you love getting hit. After the fight, win or lose, I feel a sense of relief and can breathe again”. Said Beth Franklin

Well many have wondered if she was a ring girl, with such tremendous physique, see Beth’s pictures showing off her muscles here. But the truth is that she loves her life as a wife, it can get stressful sometimes but there every single day she feels so blessed for her life, her husband and her family, we are very thankful for you!!

See Rich Franklin’s wife’s photo and video below, remember your comments are very important to us and they are always welcome and appreciated.

Beth Franklin 1

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Beth Franklin Video
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