Joana Mortimer Prado “Feiticeira”: MMA Vitor Belfort’s Wife

February 4, 2011

Meet the stunning Brazilian beauty Joana Mortimer Prado aka MMA fighter Vitor Belfort’s wife and mother of their three children. Find out all there is about her from her biography in our story and don’t miss out on the beautiful photos we have of her below.

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Joana Mortimer Prado, who is also known in Brazil as Feiticeira, has a very famous MMA hubby, he is the 33 year old fighter born in Sao Paulo, Brazil who won via KO his first fight in the U.S. before he was 20. He is also known by his nickname, The Phenom. He became part of the UFC in 1996 and holds a record of 19 victories out of 27 fights, 13 of his 19 victories have been obtained by knockout! So what do we know about his gorgeous wife? Check it out!

Joana Mortimer Prado Biography

* She was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 22, 1976 making her 34 years old.

* Her father is the Brazilan businessman Jair Avancini Prado. Her siblings consist only of her brother, Tiago Prado.

* She was known as Feiticeira, which means Witch in Portuguese because of her role in the television show “H”.

* She has been on the cover of Brazilian Playboy Magazine three times (December 1999, August 2000 and April 2002). Her husband joined her in the third photoshoot for the famous magazine. You can see Joana Prado’s pictures here.

* She got married on 20 December 2003.

* Her first son Davi was born on February 5, 2005.

* Her oldest and first daughter Victoria was born on October 31, 2007.

* She became a mother for the third time on June 7, 2009 to Kyara.

* Joana and her hubby were on the reality show “House of Artists.

* She is no longer in H, or posing in any magazines baring it all, she is devoted to her family, her husband and her three gorgeous children are the world to her. See her and her family’s photos here and also here.

She really is a stunning woman, blond and with a spectacular body but what makes this MMA WAG so appealing? Besides her tremendous beauty, Joana Prado is a very kind, sweet, loving and smart woman. You can share your comments and additional information about Vitor Belfort’s wife in our comments box below plus see her video and photos right here.

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