Super Bowl 2011: Cheerleaders Nowhere To Be Found

February 4, 2011

In a stadium infamous for their squad, there will be no girls cheering on the sidelines. For Super Bowl 2011, cheerleaders will be absent for the very first time ever. To get more details on why, with more gorgeous photos and videos, keep reading below.

Super Bowl Cheerleader  1

Both of the teams fighting for the Vince Lombardi trophy do not have a squad of their own. The Green Bay Packers use college girls when at home (photo above) and the Pittsburgh Steelers stopped having a team in 1970! So will the Dallas Cowboys’ team fill the gap?

Apparently the answer is, no! They are participating in several events around the city to lead up to the big game, but as for the 2011 Super Bowl, cheerleaders will not be a part of it! It was speculated that perhaps the NFL banned the girls from participating as it would be too distracting. Some players, fans and others have commented on whether or not that makes sense.

The Steelers overall opinion seems to be that they are glad not to have them. When asked if he minded, Antwaan Randle El said, “Yeah, I care – I’m glad they’re not here. They are a distraction. You want to focus on the game.” Only six teams in the league do not have a professional squad, including the Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and New York Giants. They all depend on their fans, and that’s what will have to happen Sunday.

One fan did say, “Without cheerleaders, in hard times like these, who will we turn our eyes to?” He will have to deal with it! The Dallas squad’s spokesman, Rich Dalrymple, summed it by saying:

“We think Steelers and Packers fans will have lots of ‘cheerleaders’ at the game (in the way of fans). They will be just dressed differently.”

What do you think about not having Super Bowl 2011 cheerleaders? Is it a first, and definitely an interesting place for it to happen. After you enjoy these pictures of what you will miss out on at the game and this video, leave me your comments (and complaints) below!

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