Madden 11 Picks Super Bowl Winner: Steelers To Take Lombardi Trophy

February 3, 2011

In a nail-biter that went down to the last minute, Madden 11 picked the Super Bowl winner as the Steelers. The digital game is a tradition that’s been going for 7 years now, and the outcome has only been wrong one time. Get the full story, with pictures and video below!

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Trailing deep into the fourth quarter 17-20 against the Pack, digital Ben Roethlisberger hucked a game-winning touchdown to receiver Mike Wallace with 1:20 left to go. Aaron Rodgers had just lead his team to take the lead in the prior drive, but couldn’t do anything in the closing minutes.

A score-line into the 20’s would be a nice surprise in Sunday’s predicted defensive battle. Most agree that the major battle in the game will be Aaron Rodgers and his offense against Pittsburgh’s staunch defense. But just because Madden 11 picks the Steelers as the Super Bowl winners, there are some things Pittsburgh will have to do to follow through on the game’s promise.

A major deciding factor in the game will no doubt be Roethlisberger’s performance. Big Ben threw 10 completions out of 19 passes against the Jets with two interceptions and no touchdowns. His performance will no doubt have to be better Sunday.

“It’s not time to reflect; it’s really about this game,” Roethlisberger said of his struggles this season. “When you’re faced with challenges in life you try to find ways of overcoming them.”

While the Steelers’ QB has been called the most hated player in the championship game, at least he’s already been there. Green Bay’s Rodgers, meanwhile, has been voted the most likable player on Sunday. The QB’s hot arm will have to been on top form Sunday to have a shot against Pittsburg’s vaunted defense which is 1st in both points allowed and rushing defense going into Sunday’s game.

Still, Madden 11 picking the Steelers as the Super Bowl winners is a good omen for Pittsburgh. Will the uncanny video game prediction get its 7th out of 8 picks right? What is your prediction for the big game? Let me know in the comment section after you check out pictures and video on the story below!

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Photos: Starbux, Adriana M. Barraza, Carrie Devorah, Nikki Nelson, Aruna Gilbert

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One Response to “Madden 11 Picks Super Bowl Winner: Steelers To Take Lombardi Trophy”

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    Jack Says:

    I played the game last night and the Steelers won 24-13 and Green Bay scored the TD with 2 minutes left. Steelers dominated.