Homeless Couple Wins Trip to Super Bowl!

February 2, 2011

While searching for a job, Ouida Wright and her boyfriend Aaron got an even better surprise. This homeless couple wins a trip to Super Bowl XLV after accidentally entering a contest! The Packers fans are stoked, and for more on this incredible story, with photos and videos, keep reading below.

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They sleep at the St. John’s Homeless Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin and have been for the last couple months. When they walked into the winter carnival that day, they had no idea the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau was putting on this contest but they won anyway!

The organization had put the “secret” phrase (“Have you been to Dallas lately?”) on their Facebook page. There was a “mystery man” wandering around and the first person who asked him the phrase would win the prize package. So, when Ouida and Aaron had been asked that question several times, someone told them what was going on, so they played. Luckily on her fourth try, she found the right guy and the homeless couple wins!

The trip to the Super Bowl includes hotel, tickets and travel. Undoubtedly she was shocked when this happened and couldn’t believe it to be true. Wright said:

“I’m homeless, let’s face it, and I thought someone was just messing with me. Then we saw the cameras, and Aaron and I just looked at each other — and (Hermes) bleeds green and gold — and I just thought, ‘Oh my gosh.'”

They are both fans, and Aaron even “bleeds green and gold.” They are both ecstatic about going, and are even equally excited to have a private vacation together. The two apparently lost everything, and though the shelter is so good to them, they don’t get a lot of privacy. She told a news station that she really looked forward to “spooning.”

Well I am sure they will have a great time and I am happy to see the prize go to someone who could never do anything like this on their own. It’s nice to hear that a homeless couple wins a trip to Super Bowl XLV! Congrats to Ouida & Aaron! Enjoy these pictures and a video interview with the lucky two, then leave me your comments below.

Super Bowl Cheer  1

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