PETA Super Bowl 2011 Ad Rejected

February 2, 2011

PETA has joined the list of ads getting rejected from airing during Super Bowl 2011 on February 6th. This is not their first time and due to the same reasons, TOO racy for television but check it out for yourselves and tell us if you think like FOX, who banned their commercial video again!!


Jesus hates Obama, Ashley Madison and now PETA are some of the Super Bowls ads that have been rejected from airing during the big game. We still remember that this is not the first time they have been banned from showing their ad during the SB. Video of their stunning beauties feeling totally hopeless and aroused by veggies is not well received to be shown on national television where hundreds of children will be watching.

Apparently last year CBS felt that it is great to love vegetables, but it is definitely unacceptable the models’ behavior towards them, in particular towards a pumpkin, very suggestive, and others seemed to take their relationship with a broccoli a little bit too far.

At that time this was what PETA said about getting their ad rejected.

“PETA’s veggie ads are locked out while ads for fried chicken and burgers are allowed –even though these foods make Americans fat, sick, and boring in bed.”

Surprisingly they tried again in 2011 with a very similar and perhaps even more provocative shoot, like two girls eating a carrot one on each side, I really don’t need to tell you more, you to get the idea, but you can see more pictures of previous PETA banned ads here.

You can see last year’s ad here and this year’s here.

Tell me what do think about this decision, do you consider the PETA Super Bowl 2011 Ad too racy? Would you consider it to be OK to be on television or was it a good thing it got rejected? Check out our video below!

PETA Ad 1PETA Ad photoPETA Ad photosPETA Ad picturePETA Ad picturesPETA Ads photoPETA Ads photosPETA Ads picturePETA Ad 1 2PETA Ad photo 1PETA Ad picture 1
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PETA Memorable Ads Video

Photos: Jeff Daly, Dominic Chan, Patricia Schlein, Vince Maher, Daniel Deme, Theo

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