Genevieve Morton: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

January 31, 2011

The oh so beautiful Genevieve Morton, who is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, is set to get some VIP treatment at the Super Bowl this weekend. Learn why and if she is really deserving of it along with more about Genevieve, which of course includes some pictures and a video you will not want to miss.

Genevieve Morton

She is beautiful, has a smoking hot body and is teaming up for an all out pre Super Bowl blowout with none other than the Black Eyed Peas. Yes, I am talking about Genevieve Morton, who along with the half time show band will be a part of one of the biggest bashes of the weekend, the Sports Illustrated Presents: The Official Black Eyed Peas Friday NightB4 XLV Party. I don’t know what exactly Morton will be doing but she is getting top billing for the event. Bet there will be some great photos from that party, huh.

Other than she will be in Dallas this weekend, what else do we know about the blonde bombshell who rocks a bikini? In all honesty there isn’t much about the 22 year old South African born beauty that we know. She is new to the modeling scene and is most famous for appearing in the 2010 edition of the infamous magazine which was her big US magazine debut. Other modeling work that she has done includes being the face of Guess watches.

Since she is relatively new to the modeling world and there isn’t a lot known about her I have to wonder why is it that Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Genevieve Morton is getting top notch billing at the Super Bowl this weekend? I mean sure she is a knockout but so are many of the other ladies affiliated with the magazine. I guess we’ll just have to see how the shindig plays out this weekend to see if my question is answered. Unless of course you know the answer to that in which case please spill it or any other info you have on Morton!

Genevieve Morton PhotoGenevieve Morton 3Genevieve Morton 4Genevieve Morton 5

Photos: www.wenn.comJudy Eddy/PNP

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