Lacey Minchew: Matt Flynn’s Girlfriend

January 30, 2011

Meet Lacey Minchew, she is a former cheerleader, beauty pageant contestant and Green Bay Packers Matt Flynn’s stunning girlfriend. Would you like to know more about her? Then keep reading our story to find out more interesting details about her from her biography plus check out Lacey Minchew’s photos in the links in our story and a great video after the jump.

Lacey Minchew

Well we all know that Lacey’s boyfriend is the 25 year old Packers’ backup quarterback born in Tyler, Texas and a graduate of LSU. Now we first heard about them dating last December, his stunning girlfriend was born on December 19, 1983 making this her age of 27 years old in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While growing up, she and her family relocated in Marietta, Georgia. There is not much information about her family except for the fact that her mother is a former beauty queen, both her parents graduated from LSU and her older sister (3 years older) Kenley tried out to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and made the team.

Ms. Minchew went to Pebblebrook High School for the Performing Arts and entered Louisiana State University in 2002. She joined the Golden Girls dancing team for 5 years, she was also part of the Chi Omega sonority and graduated from LSU with a major in Mass Communications/Theatre Performance in 2007.

On July 6, 2002 she was selected Miss Teen America preceded by Cara Hays from Arkansas and succeeded by Cara Hays from Rhode Island. She made her goals very clear, what she wanted was to be an actress in the movies, she loved to sing, dance was natural to her and she was already getting notice from television commercials she has been in, plus hosting turned out to be so much fun. In 2009 she hosted the Musikfest and that same year she was named the 2009 Miss Louisiana, proceeded by Michelle Berthelot and succeeded by Sara Brooks. You can see Lacey Minchew’s pictures here.

We hope to see her in the movies pretty soon, we saw her next to Hilary Duff in the Beauty with the Briefcase and Revenge of the Bridesmaids, there is no doubt she is unbelievably beautiful and I think I speak for all of us but they sure make a tremendous couple. Tell us what do you think of Matt Flynn’s girlfriend? she really is gorgeous right? Check out her video below.

Lacey Minchew

Lacey Minchew Video

Photos: Judy Eddy

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