Lea Michele: America The Beautiful Presentation

February 1, 2011

Glee’s Lea Michele has been one of the many beautiful voices that will be performing at the NFL’s biggest event of the year in 2011, her name will be added to the many Divas that have performed America the Beautiful at the biggest football event of America. Judging by her tremendous talent shown in television we can expect one hell of a performance, don’t you agree? Check out the rest of this story to know all the details behind this news and don’t miss Lea’s photos, videos and memorable America the Beautiful videos from previous gigs after the jump.

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Lea Michele portrays Rachel Berry in Glee and in real life she is a stunning 24 year old from the Bronx, New York. Now the New York Jets didn’t make it to SB XLV but that won’t stop Lea from performing at the NFL’s great game on February 6th, at Dallas Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Some people want to know how come a new singer from television who doesn’t even have a released album gets to sing America the Beautiful when it has famously been sung by Grammy Awards winner like Ray Charles, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Mary J. Blidge, Vikki Carr, Alicia Keys, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Hudson and just last year it was Queen Latifah who sang it at SB 2011, and sure the SB XXXVII pregame ceremony will stay in our hearts as Celine Dion performed for the first and only time in the big game history, God Bless America.

Well perhaps Lea Michele is not a Diva like the ones that have sung the popular American song before but she is beautiful, kind and people love her, are these characteristics the one the NFL had in mind when they chose her to sing along with Christina Aguilera who will be singing the National Anthem? It might be a great factor, yes, but I blame it on the 3rd Game of the World Series in 2009. It was there where Lea and her Glee co-stars sang the National anthem and they totally rocked!! So I am pretty sure we won’t be disappointed by Lea Michelle’s America the Beautiful presentation during the pregame ceremony at the 2011 big game, but she won’t be the only Glee star to be there, the rest of the Glee cast will be revealing a new episode of Glee titled “The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle” after the game.

Share all your thoughts about this latest news, check Lea’s videos and other America the Beautiful presentations at previous SB games.

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Lea Michele: America the Beautiful News Video

America The Beautiful Presentation Videos

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Joseph Marzullo, Adriana M. Barraza, Nikki Nelson, Apega

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