Alissa Czisny: U.S. Figure Skating Medalist (Biography)

January 30, 2011

Do you know who the U.S. 2011 Female Figure Skating Championships Winner is? Her name is Alissa Czisny and she is amazing, would you like to know more about her from her biography? Find out when and where she was born, studies, hobbies, career, struggles and victories and don’t miss Alissa Czisny’s photos plus incredible video after the jump.

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The beautiful and charismatic Ms. Czisny just won her second U.S. Figure Skating Championship, some said she did it effortlessly but we can’t forget the personal struggle she has experienced after she didn’t make it on to the U.s Olympic team in 2010. This gold medal is just the perfect way to vindicate herself and look forward to a new year of personal and professional achievements for this young figure skater. Let’s find more about her from her biography in this story.

Alissa Czisny Biography

23 year old skater Alissa Czisny was born in Sylvania, Ohio on June 25, 1987 to Debbie and Mark Czisny, she has a twin sister Amber who is also a figure skater. Her skating began when she was just 18 months old, since her mom Debbie started taking skating lesson but the girls didn’t want to be left at home with the sitter. Her mother noticed her daughter’s potentials in the rink so they began their learning with Julianne Berlin.

At age 14 she was training at St. Clair Shores, Patrick O’Neil joined her as her coach so did choreographer Simone Grigorescu. She became part of the St. Clair Shores FSC and with so much going on with her life on the ice, her studies were in the hands of her mother, who home schooled her and her sister.

She enrolled in Bowling Green State University where she graduated in international studies (Russian and French). She now skates now for Detroit Skating Club under the direction of Yuka Sato, Jason Dungien, her choreographies are in the great hands of Rene Roca and Pasquale Camerlengo. When she is not skating she enjoys wall climbing, roller blading, playing the piano, ballet, reading and biking. She once said one of her favorite film actresses is Audrey Hepburn and skater is Scott Hamilton.

Let’s take a look back into her career as a figure skater ever since the beginning.

During the 1996 Eastern Great Lakes Regional she finished 4th, the following year she won first place at the Eastern Great Lakes Regional and 5th at the Midwestern Sectional. In 1998 she placed 10th at the Eastern Great Lakes Regional and 3rd at the 1999 Eastern Great Lakes Regional now in the Juniors events.

In 2000 she finished 1st at the Triglav Trophy, Midwestern Sectional and at the Eastern Great Lakes Regional. She also placed 2nd at the US National Championships. The following season she won the Gardena Trophy and 2nd place at the Midwestern Sectional and Eastern Great Lakes Regional.

In 2002 she took 2nd place at the Midwestern Sectional and at the Junior Grand Prix in France and Slovakia. A gold medal was around her neck for the Eastern Great Lakes Regional in 2003 and a second place was granted to her during the Midwestern Sectionals. A year after that she celebrated her 1st place at the U.S. Collegiate Championships and at the Eastern Great Lakes Regional, 6th at the World Junior Championships and 7th at the U.S. National Championships.

She won first place at the Skate Detroit championships and Skate Canada, and second at Skate America. Her senior year was during the 2005- 2006 season with a 5th place finish at the Four Continents Championships and 3rd at the U.S National Championships. In 2007 she won 5th place at the NHK Trophy and 1st at the 2008 US National Championships, won a Nebelhorn Trophy in 2008 and again the following year. This 2010- 2011 season she joined the cast of Smucker’s Stars on Ice and won 1st place at Skate Canada and at the Grand Prix Final. Additionally, she placed 3rd at the Trophee Eric Bompard.

As for what we saw at the 2011 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in North Carolina, the gold will keep on coming strong. Share your comments about this gorgeous American figure skating medalist and check out Alissa Czisny’s picture and cool videos right below.

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Alissa Czisny Videos

Photos: David W. Carmichael

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    bill czisny Says:

    in the above story about Alissa Czisny you state her dads name is paul that is wrong her dads name is Mark Czisny.

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