Yonka Clark: Ryan Clark’s Wife

January 29, 2011

Are you wondering who Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ryan Clark’s wife is? Her name in Yonka Clark and she is an amazing woman, loving wife and caring mother, we can tell you more things about her so check out this story and you’ll find Yonka Clark’s photos in the links below plus our video provided after the jump.

Ryan Clark

Yonka Clark’s hubby is the amazing 31 year old safety for the Steelers. He was born in Marrero, Louisiana and went to Louisiana State. He was drafted by the New York Giants in 2002 and with the Redskins on 2004, Pittsburgh signed him in on 2006, now that we know about her hubby let’s find out about her.

There isn’t really much information about this Steelers WAG, except for some facts like her full name is Tayamka Clark also known as Yonka Clark and her age is 30 years old. Se has been and continues to be his greatest fan and support, Yonka was by his side during those terrible years of struggling with sickle cell, a condition that also threatens the life of her little girl Loghan.

Her husband’s condition is much better now, but sure she will always remember that incident in Denver that ended up with her hubby going under surgery to remove his spleen and gallbladder.

“It was so, so stressful. I desperately wanted for him to be OK.”

Sounds really bad, but he is better now and both know how to take care of their little girl, Loghan. She is her youngest, she is almost 5 years old now, her older siblings are Jaden, the oldest who is 11 and Jordan now a 7 year old.

But Yonka and her family not only care for their health, they have taken the time and love to help others that suffer with the sickle cell trait, plus she joined other Steeler families at Steelers Style in 2006 where funds are raised to help the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute in Oakland and Cancer Caring Center in Bloomfield. You can see Yonka Ryan’s picture here.

I think Yonka is really amazing, what do you think of Ryan Clark’s wife? Isn’t she just a fantastic Football WAG? Would you like to share your comments and other details about her? You can do that in our comments box below, but before that check her out in our video.

Ryan Clark 1
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Yonka Clark Video

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bryangeek/76076376/in/set-1631638

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