Laura Hawk: AJ Hawk’s Wife

January 28, 2011

Meet Laura Hawk, she is Green Bay Packers A.J Hawk’s stunning wife and Brady Quinn’s big sister. Follow us on a journey of the life of this gorgeous NFL wife, her family, marriage and so much more plus see Laura Hawk’s photos in the amazing links in our story and her video below.

AJ Hawk 1

Her hubby is the 27 year old linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, born in Ohio and a graduate from Ohio State College. He was drafted by the Packers during the 2006 NFL draft and we all know that he is married to this utterly beautiful woman, but who really is Mrs. Hawk?

27 year old Laura Quinn (before getting married) is a Dublin, Ohio native born to Robin D. Slates Quinn and Tyrone J. Quinn. Her younger siblings are brother Brady (Notre Dame graduate and currently playing with the Denver Broncos) and her baby sister is Kelly Katherine.

When we think about the fact that most of her maternal uncles are former football player, as well as her handsome brother, it sounds so obvious that she was going to fall for an athlete, after all she herself has been playing sports ever since she was in high school, from basketball to softball and field hockey. This competitive gal likes to stay active and when she was not playing she was cheering.

She met he husband when she was a sophomore at University of Wisconsin Green Bay through mutual friends, they reconnected a year later and this time they kept in touch. They started dating in 2005. In March 2006, they were already engaged and four months later on July 24th, they got married in a private civil ceremony. The following year on March 17, 2007 they had their fab, big wedding in her hometown of Dublin. See Laura Hawk’s photos here. She welcomed her baby daughter Lennon on December 4th, 2010.

Mrs. Hawk worked as an interior designer for quite some time after she graduated, in 2007 she teamed up with sister Kelly (got her Bachelor of Arts and Science from the University of Virginia) and opened up their own interior design business, LCH Interiors, where they bring style to fabrics and textiles, furniture, window treatments, flooring, carpentry, wall coverings, accessories in your kids’ rooms, foyers, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, patio and even to your basement. And when she is not working or cheering for her husband she is with other Packer wives doing charitable work, as she is part of the Packers Women’s Association. See Laura Hawk’s pictures here.

Don’t you think A.J Hawk’s wife is just picture perfect, she really is a beautiful woman. Do you know any other details about Laura Hawk? See her video right down below.

AJ Hawk 1
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Laura Hawk Video


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