Cowher Calls It Quits: For Now

January 5, 2007

After 15 years as head coach of the Pittsburg Steelers, Bill Cowher is hanging up the headphones. Cowher did not say he was retiring, in fact, during a news conference in Pittsburgh someone used the word retirement, and Cowher said, “That makes you feel old.”

I suspect that we’ll be seeing Bill again after a much needed and well deserved vacation. Cowher’s record as the Steelers coach is a very respectable 161-99-1, with 10 playoff seasons, six American Football Conference championship games, two Super Bowl appearances and, Super Bowl championship in 2006.

To sum it up simply, Bill Cowher resigned today at age 49, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family.

Good luck coach! has a nice piece on their site about coach Cowher and his accomplishments during his time with the Steelers, and the Oxymoronic Philosopher has a nice tribute to Bill on his blog as well.


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