CeCe Blackwell Boozer: Carlos Boozer’s Wife

January 27, 2011

Do you know if Chicago Bulls’ Carlos Boozer has a wife? If he is are they still married? Do they have any children together? Yes, his wife’s name is Cindy Blackwell, aka Cece Blackwell Boozer if you prefer, and sure they have children together. Keep reading our story to know all about her, her family, scandals and so much more. You can see Cece Blackwell’s photos in the links in our story and a great video of her after the jump.

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Well, It looks like we finally can find out why her Chicago Bulls stud filed for divorce a year and half ago, since his alleged mistress publicly revealed their alleged affair they had that same year while he was still with Mrs. Blackwell. If that is true… shame on both of them, but this just make us more anxious to know all about Cindy or Cece. I think we will stick to the second name since that is the name most people know her as.

So 33 year old Cindy Nicole “CeCe” Blackwell was born in Durham, North Carolina to Howard Blackwell and Jacquenetta Miles. Her parents got divorced and her mother remarried her stepfather, Curtis. She went to Riverside High School in Durham, after that she went to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia where she graduated in 2002 with a degree in psychology.

She met her husband while she was visiting a friend in Durham and saw him at the University’s bookstore in 1999. At first she didn’t even know he was such a great basketball player when they first met, he just told her he was on the team but didn’t give her more information.

They soon started dating and on August 10, 2002, just about the same time he was drafted by the NBA, on a beautiful summer day Cece got married and became the new Mrs. Boozer. Their wedding was held at Cleggs Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Timberlake, N.C. In 2004 her husband signed with the Jazz so she relocated to Utah, the following year in 2005 she found out she was expecting their first child together.

Her eldest son Carmani was born in May of 2006, they couldn’t be happier, even though they knew ever since Carmani was still in her tummy that he would be born with sickle-cell disease. When little Carmine was two months old the disease started to affect his life. To understand better what the terrible time the Boozers went through, please see the video we provided below.

Let’s make a little pause here to understand what sickle-cell anemia is. It’s also known as hemoglobin S, because the blood cells have a sickle-shape and their hemoglobin is different and referred to as hemoglobin “S”. Because the red blood vessels in the organisms in these patients have its abnormal shape, they block other small blood vessels and the blood can’t run its normal course in the body causing damage such as painful prolonged erection, damage to the kidneys and liver, lung damage, pain and swelling in the arms, legs, chest and abdomen, stroke and bacterial infections due to damage to the spleen mostly in small children.

Cece Boozer’s little boy had a bone marrow transplant in 2007. That same year he became a big brother to twins boys Cayden and Cameron born on July 18, 2007.

Two years later her husband of six years filed for divorce citing their marriage was “irretrievably broken”, although they tried to reconcile a little after. Their divorce plans continued last year in August and a final hearing was held in October. We heard an update saying they both agreed on an amicable divorce.

What do you think of Carlos Boozer’s wife? Or ex-wife? Share all of your comments about her and check out some Cece Blackwell’s pictures and video below.

Cece Blackwell Boozer
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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Ray Filmano

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