Tiger Woods: New Beginning in 2011?

January 27, 2011

Will the Torrey Pines tournament be the site of the Tiger Woods’ comeback? The once golf star is hoping that 2011 will be a new beginning for him as he tried to take back control of his golf game. For more details on his plans, with photos and video, keep reading below.

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2010 was the first winless year for the athlete since he went pro, but he has big plans to get back on top this year. He came close at the Chevron Challenge, though he ultimately lost to Graeme McDowell. He has been doing a lot of training and we may see him finally win again!

Obviously playing into his “lost year” was all the scandal and tabloid embarrassment that followed him around. Tiger Woods sure brought a lot of trouble into his life, and after over a year of it, he is hoping to have a new beginning and focus on his golf game again. What should we expect?

In a press conference yesterday for the Torrey Pines he talked about his journey.

“I obviously was consumed by other things. I went down a path I should never have gone, and now the determination is keeping my life in balance.”

He is focusing on his mental state and confirmed that he is as determined as ever and is just trying to keep things in a good point of view.

That is what’s most exciting about this year is having the proper perspective on things.”

Well he is healthy, seems more mentally stable and has been working hard on his game. Now if he can just keep his personal affairs in order, Tiger Woods may be able to have his comeback in 2011! What do you think? Will this be a new beginning for the former star? Enjoy these pictures and videos, then leave me your thoughts below.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Photo Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection

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