Rhonda Aikman: Troy Aikman’s Wife

January 25, 2011

Rhonda Aikman is Troy Aikman’s wife but not for much longer as it has been confirmed that the couple is calling it quits after 10 years of marriage. Learn more about Rhonda and what went wrong when you keep reading.

Troy Aikman

Another celebrity marriage has gone down the tubes and this time it is Troy Aikman and wife Rhonda Aikman who are headed for a divorce. This may be news to you and I but it would seem that the split has been in the works for a while given that Rhonda bought her own place in North Dallas in November of last year.

In terms of a biography there isn’t really anything we know about the soon to be ex Mrs. Aikman that doesn’t pertain to her famous quarterback husband. Rhonda married Troy back in 2000 and they have two children together. You can see a video of Troy, Rhonda and their girls below. She also has a daughter from a previous marriage. The former spouses met when she was a publicist for the Dallas Cowboys and he was a player.

So what went wrong between the one time happy couple? Well that is something that Troy and Rhonda are keeping to themselves. In a statement released earlier Troy stated it was a difficult decision for them both but they are deeply committed to their children. He also of course asked that the media respect their privacy. It was basically your standard generic answer if you know what I mean.

Troy Aikman’s wife Rhonda Aikman is making headlines today because of her impending divorce from her Hall of Fame hubby. It doesn’t appear to be scandalous as of yet, just sad that another once happy couple is dunzo. I gave you all the information I had on Rhonda so if you have any additional information or input on the subject please feel free to share.

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