John Stone, Chicago Car Salesman: Fired for Wearing Packers Tie

January 25, 2011

Meet John Stone, he is a car salesman in the Chicago area, well at least he used to be since he was recently fired from his job. The reason? He wore a Green Bay Packers tie to work, his boss didn’t like it and that was all it took for him to allegedly fire John. Check out the rest of this story to know all the inside details about it, find out if he is going to get his job back or get a job with the Packers? What did his former boss explain as to the reason he fired his former Packers fan employee.

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I think we can relate to both individuals in our story. John Stone, a car salesman living in Chicago but a Green Bay Packers fan, happily wore with pride his Packers tie to work the following day after the Green Packers crushed the Bears in the NFC championships final. On the other hand, we have his employer, Jerry Roberts, probably a Chicago Bears fan, brokenhearted with the loss of his team, didn’t even see the papers to avoid remembering the sad truth that the entire Chicago population was facing. His television had been shut off ever since the game ended, the only thing that was going to take his mind off the memories of the football game was his job, signing papers, getting phone calls and selling tons of cars. Yes, that was what he needed to clear his mind, at least that was what he thought until he saw John Stone.

Yes I am positive we can relate to both, we have felt the same way when our team wins an important game and we feel like we played the game ourselves. Their victory is ours and we want the world to know it, but we also have to face the depressing reality when our team loses a game and all the efforts they showed during the season, the dreams and even the plans you made to celebrate their victory are vanished, but would you do the same thing John’s boss did to him for wearing a Packers tie and a 100 kilowatt smile on his face? Maybe you would just spill your coffee on him to ruin the tie and erase that Bonzo smile on his face, but firing him would be too harsh.

Jerry Roberts may or may not be a Chicago Bears fan working at Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn. He was the one who fired Stone, but according to him not because he was angry for the Bears losing the game to the Packers, but because he asked not once or twice but five times for his ex-employee to remove the Packers tie. This one time he refused, alleging that he wore it as a tribute to his late grandmother who was a Packers fan, sure sounds sweet, but he couldn’t get lost in sentimentalism, this was work and they have been advertising car deals related to the Bears, his customers would think their business had lack of ethics if they see one of his crew with the Green Bay clothing accessory. See John Stone wearing his Packers tie here.

34 year old John Stone had a different perspective towards the accident that left him without the income to feed his family.

“I was just showing my love for my team and it was a nice, smart tie that matched my clothes — none of the customers minded; they had a sense of humor about it.” He said his former boss’ words were ‘You have two options,’ ” a furious Stone said later Monday. “Remove the tie, or you’re fired.” “When I didn’t, he said, ‘You can leave, you’re fired.’ Does that sound fair to you?”

When his boss was questioned about the motive for firing Stone, he added that John was one of his best employees, but he made the right choice even though he agreed that no customers had complained about the tie.

We can look at it like this, if you are the boss and an employee did this, you can either do what Jerry did or think about the amount of sales that wouldn’t be completed if you fired that man, if he wants to express loyalty to his team give him a pair of Packers socks or boxers. If you are John, you can think about the responsibility you have with your family take the tie off and work in those Packers boxers or socks without getting in trouble.

What do you think about this story, do you think it was unfair for Roberts to fire Stone wearing the Packers tie at work? Check this news video out below.

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John Stone, Chicago car salesman and Packers fan
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