Kevin Muscat: Dirtiest Soccer Player in the World? (Red Card Video)

January 24, 2011

Melbourne Victory’s Kevin Muscat has worked pretty hard or maybe not to earn the reputation of meanest soccer player in Australia, but his latest red card incident got him another title – dirtiest soccer player in the world, oh my. Check out our story to know more about him and what incidents he has been involved in that got him his infamous reputation plus see some photos and his red card video that surely will become viral any time soon.

Kevin Muscat

Like you all know Kevin Muscat is a bad boy on the field and off, but don’t think that because of his volatile temper he has no fans, some people actually think his violent incidents are funny and like him, but is he a good soccer player, who really is this bad Aussie/Brit boy?

37 year old Kevin Vincent Muscat was born in Crawley, England but his nationality is Australian. He started playing as a16 year old with the Australian soccer team Sunshine George Cross. At 18 he played with Heidelberg United and with South Melbourne at age 19, his next teams were Heidelberg United at age 19, South Melbourne in 1996, the following year he was at Crystal Palace but left a year after and signed with Wolverhampton Wanderers where he stayed from 2002 to 2005. He played with the Rangers, Millwall and finally Melbourne Victory.

His International career stated in 1991 when he joined the Under-20 league playing with the Australian International soccer team at the Youth World Cup. This is where he started to earn his bad reputation, the incident began when Aussies were playing against the French and Muscat seriously injured two French players. In 1998 he forced Matty Holmes to retire at age 30 after a tackle that caused him four surgeries and the end of his career, he sued Muscat for £250,000. Muscat was known as the most hated man in the world.

In 2005 he had another misconduct incident, this time with a coach, Josh Koshima, that ended up in a two game suspension, another three game suspension when he was found guilty of violent conduct towards Saso Petrovski.

His latest shameful misconduct came on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011. It has been described by many as a disgraceful tackle, against the young winger for Melbourne Heart’s Adrian Zahra, causing him to miss four games with knee ligament damage and Muscat getting a red card. Even more shocking was his response.

“The Victory skipper erupted like a Vesuvius of bile, gesticulating, ranting and roaring as if he was the one with the right to be aggrieved’’.

Kevin had apologized for this incident, but I am afraid the damage is already done and now he will have to live with the consequences of his acts.

“Having had a sleepless night I felt it was important to front up and accept everything that is going to be coming my way in relation to bans and suspensions and being criticized and my character and my performance and all that comes with it. I have to accept full responsibility for it but my only concern is the welfare of Adrian. It was an incident that I deeply regret. It was a mistimed tackle, dreadfully mistimed. At no point did I have any intent to injure the player. My only concern is the welfare of Adrian. I wish him a speedy recovery and in the next couple of days I’ll take the opportunity to try to contact him and pass on my sentiments if he’ll accept them.”

Some will say Muscat getting his soccer career terminated was just what he deserved. Others who have sympathized with him will think that it is way too harsh of a decision, but the future after this horrific tackle doesn’t look too pretty for Kevin Muscat, I wonder will he retire as an impressive yet controversial player or will be be forced to retire and be remembered as the dirtiest soccer player in the century? Leave us your thoughts about this story and to help you with that we added the red card video that has been in everyone’s conversations lately.

Kevin Muscat 1
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Kevin Muscat red card video

And his other videos that granted him his nasty reputation:

Muscat Vs. Koshima video

Photos: Camw

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