Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders

January 25, 2011

The Green Bay Packers won the NFC championships against the Bears, their next step is Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, Texas. Do they have stunning cheerleaders cheering their team on? What? They really don’t have a Cheerleading Squad? Then who are the Green Bay Packerettes and the Golden Girls? Find out more about the squad in our story. Have you ever seen their photos and videos? Well lucky you we have it all here, plus you will learn more about the Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders, so what are you waiting for, check it out!!

Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders

The history of the Packers’ cheerleaders squad dates back to the 1930’s, becoming one of the first teams to have a stunning group of cheerleaders at the games. This squad went through several transformations and names but for about 50 years these pretty girls cheered for the Green Bay Packers until they separated in 1988. Don’t worry, Green Bay still managed to have cheerleaders at their games, these girls come from colleges in Wisconsin, such as St. Norbert College in De Pere and the cheer squad at the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay. You can see their picture here.

But allow us to get you inside the Green Bay Packers’ first Cheer Squad, in 1931 cheerleaders from Green Bay High and Green Bay East cheered at the Packers games, 19 years later under the direction of coach Vice Lombardi (1958-1968), the first Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders squad was created under the name the Green Bay “Packerettes”. Like many other squads, they used their fame and time not only to cheer their dear football players but to do community service.

They were renamed in the early 60’s, becoming known as the Golden Girls after the Packers’ fabulous quarterback, tailback and kicker Paul Vernon Hornung, aka Golden Boy. He is now 75 years old and a Hall of Fame inductee just like the girls but we will get to that later.

So after they became the Golden Girls they were renamed once again in the early 70’s to the Packerettes and cheered under that name until 1977, when they became the Green Bay Sideliners for the next 9 years. They split up in 1986, after the Packers’ Vice President Bob Harlan sent the Sideliners a letter where he informed them they would not perform at the Packers’ games again.

“In general terms, the poll disclosed there were as many fans who expressed opposition to the return of the cheerleaders as there were those in favor of restoring them. On that basis, we felt the appropriate decision at this time would be to continue without them.”

The Packers’ games welcomed college cheer squads onto their field. These teams were the All-Girl cheerleaders from the Green Knights at St. Norbert College and the Green Bay Cheerleaders from the Green Bay Phoenix at UW–Green Bay or University of Wisconsin, both squads are very dear to all of the Packers fans, but it was the original squad, the Packerettes, who got their place into the Hall of Fame about four years ago. But after hearing this entire story, are you wondering which team will be cheering for the Packers at Super Bowl XLV or if they are going to have any cheer squad at all? Surprise!!! We will have to wait and see if we see any Green Bay Packers cheerleaders rooting for their team, but in the meantime check out some of their pictures and memorable videos below.

Green Bay Packers Cheererleaders picturesGreen Bay Packers Cheerleaders photoGreen Bay Packers Cheerleaders PhotosGreen Bay Packers Cheerleaders PictureGreen Bay Packers Cheerleaders 1

NFL Cheerleaders Video

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    Aussie TEK Says:

    Green Bay Packers not having a cheerleading squad is really terrible. Guess GB fans must be gay. But I understand Steelers not having cheerleaders since Big Ben is rapist. Pittsburg cops would be arresting Big Ben every home came. Just hope GB’s D will take the rapists head off.