Best, Worst and Funniest Super Bowl Commercials

January 21, 2011

The 2011 Super Bowl is almost here and with it the best and anticipated commercials seen in television will mark history in advertising and sports forever, they cost a fortune, are seen by millions and here are a few of them! Some of the top best Super Bowl commercials in history.

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During Super Bowl 2010 we enjoyed Betty White playing football and eating a delicious Snickers bar, this one is a favorite commercial by fans all over.

Go Daddy is famous for their awesome, hot commercials and even though they will be revealing a new Go Daddy girl this year, we will always love Danica Patrick!

Supermodel Cindy Crawford was and continues to be a stunning woman, which is why her Super Bowl 1992 commercial for Pepsi is historic. Which reminds us Adriana Lima and Megan Fox were in last year’s Bowl Commercials, nice!

Michael J. Fox has a stunning new neighbor who asks for a Pepsi, but he doesn’t have any, this great Pepsi ad became one of the best Super Bowl commercials in 1986. Who can forget Doritos, when they brought their famous commercial where the guy ends up with the shock dog collar around his neck so the pooch can snack on the chips for himself.

Linebacker Terry Tate was featured in the Reebok commercial during Super Bowl 2003. Pittsburgh Steelers’ Troy Polamanu has done several SB ads, Coca-Cola for one, but the one he did for TruTV is our pick.

In 1993, McDonald’s had Michael Jordan and Larry Bird playing a friendly match for a Big Mac. Another great ad was the FedEx commercial, remember Pigeon carriers??

Beer is always present in this sporting event and Bud Light made a memorable statement with their Paper and Scissors video. It is short, simple and fabulous. Miller Lite brought Charo aka cuchi cuchi, in theirs.

But we also have seen terrible, really lame ads over the years, right? Many agreed that Oprah and David Letterman was one of the many terrible ones, Doritos had one featuring a little boy slapping a man’s face after he tried to take his chips while waiting to take his mother on a date, Elijah Wood passing his bag of Wavy Lays until he gets front seats at a game, SoBe Water featuring Naomi Campbell and a lizard wasn’t the greatest, O.J Simpson in his Hertz commercial and don’t forget a Hummer is Born where a dinosaur or possibly Godzilla gets pregnant after hooking up with a robot, geez. Here is a peek:

And certainly we couldn’t leave out the funniest, they may or may not be so great but hilarious they sure were.

Share your comments, do you think we left out some awesome commercials? Add your own picks.

Photos: Stamas

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