Clint Eastwood to Direct Remake of ‘A Star is Born’ Starring Beyonce

January 21, 2011

Warner Bros. has snagged “The Man” for their new remake of ‘A Star is Born.’ Clint Eastwood will direct the 4th remake of this movie, and producers are hoping to lock in Beyonce as the female lead. Get the full story below!

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Last made in 1976, the movie then starred Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson playing a young starlet who falls in love with an aging legend. The previous versions were filmed in 1954 and 1937.

With Beyonce waiting in the wings and Clint Eastwood locked in to direct the remake of ‘A Star is Born,’ all Warner Bros. needs now is a male lead and the choices are aplenty. Originally, the film makers were said to be after Will Smith to fill the role, but now names ranging from Robert Downey Jr. to Jon Hamm have been thrown in the mix.

Also in question is the storyline of the new remake. Obviously the plot is under wraps for now, but at least we can rest assured that Eastwood will put out another quality product. Given that he studied music in college and has written scores for his most recent movies, you can be certain that the gritty actor has the talent to film a musical.

Meanwhile, the ‘Dirty Harry’ actor will turn his attention to his current work in progress, ‘J Edgar.’ The move will star Leonardo DiCaprio as FBI founder J. Edgar Hoover and feature Josh Lucas and Judy Dench.

What do you think of the proposed remake of ‘A Star is Born,’ directed by Clint Eastwood? Do you think the director is right for the movie? How about Beyonce playing the leading lady? Let me know your thoughts about this movie in the comment section after you check out photos and video below!

Clint Eastwood  2 Clint Eastwood  3 Beyonce  1 Beyonce  2 Beyonce  3 Beyonce  5

Photos:, Joseph Marzullo, PNP

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One Response to “Clint Eastwood to Direct Remake of ‘A Star is Born’ Starring Beyonce”

  1. 1
    anon Ymus Says:

    —LOVE Beyonce’s singing —BUT why is she
    going for this, the stalest of done-to-death
    retreads. PLUS ‘Star Is Born’ has always been
    handed to stars onnthe way out (Gaynor, Garland, Streisand).

    —AND Eastwood’s now been caught fronting for
    a string of globalist/RED China ‘eugenics friendly’ vehicles (Million DOllar Baby, IWO
    trilogy etc.) —in fact he even BAULKED his
    own link to the profoundly relevant KOREAN WAR
    last year (think RED China ‘friendly’).

    Beyonce should steer clear —-and the rest of
    us should too regarding the ‘daring icon’
    set-ups of franchise slum Hollywood…