Taylor Corley: Mississippi State Cheerleader

January 20, 2011

Have you met any of the beautiful cheerleaders at Mississippi State? Maybe you have or maybe not, in that case we want to introduce to you a stunning young cheerleader, her name is Taylor Corley, her spot on the cheer squad was in jeopardy, but apparently not anymore, do you know why? What else do you know about her?, We can tell you many interesting things about this young lady and you can see her in the video we have prepared for you in our story, so let’s begin O-K, Let’s GO!

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Mississippi State University has a group of stunning cheerleaders on their campus, actually it is divided into three groups. The MSU co-ed squad is a boys and girls squad, they do all kinds of tumbling skills and jumping. Next we have the pom squad, these girls do choreographed dances, and last but not least the All Girl squad, which according to their website consist of:

16-20 girls who receive a $150-$325 per semester scholarship as well as camp clothes, camp fees, uniforms and travel expenses. The All-girl squad participates in all home football games and women’s home basketball games, tournaments, as well as fund-raising events, alumni appearances and squad clinics.

It is on this specific MSU cheerleading squad that our girl Taylor Corley can be found, she is a newbie but already has called the attention of many, some said that it is because of the racy photos that have been discovered lately, have you heard anything about that? Of course you have, the thing is that Taylor is a freshman at Mississippi State University, had a little trip to Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson’s former home and took some of those famous pictures gentlemen like so much, many thought these would get her pretty blond self out of MSU, but according to their College Vice President, she is in no danger of getting expelled or out of the squad, why?

Well, you see Taylor bared it all before getting into MSU (last November) and she never identified herself as a student nor did she use any type of wardrobe that would identify her as a Mississippi State cheerleader so no harm done, if you are so eager to know more about her pictures you can do a little search and you will find her, although you might want to search her under the name she used during that photoshoot, Taylor Stone or you can see her here and also here.

Now just a little biography on Ms. Corley. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia on September 27th, 1991 making this her age 19 years old, she is a Freshman at MSU and part of their All Girl Cheerleading team. Taylor stands at 5′ 6″ and weighs 127 pounds, her hair is blond, has light skin and hazel eyes. Yep, she is a stunner, no doubt about that!

Do you know anything about Taylor Corley? Would you like to share some information about this gorgeous Mississippi State picture perfect cheerleader?

Taylor Corley Video
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