Stephanie Dusenberry: Brett Favre’s Other Massage Therapist

January 19, 2011

Meet Stephanie Dusenberry, she is a sports massage therapist, well not any therapist, Brett Favre’s third massage therapist that has joined Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole in their alleged scandal with the retired football player. What does she have to say about her relationship with him? Is she giving away the names of other players? Is she suing him as well? Are the problems for him with these women ever going to end? Keep reading and you will discover details that will blow your mind, and you will for sure want to share your thoughts about it! You can see her pic in the video provided below.

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Not long ago the problems for the former football player started, first it was Jenn Sterger and well you know the rest of that story so PASS!!! Then we hear of two massage therapists, unidentified at first, saying they were alleged victims of harassment by Favre, it wasn’t until they filed a lawsuit that we learned their names – Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole. They filed not only against him, but the Jets as well. That matter became uglier as time went on, one of the therapist’s husbands, Joseph Scavo, said he confronted the player, but he refused to apologize to any of them, and a new fireball exploded when according to them, the Jets’ Lisa Ripi, who takes care of hiring these therapists for the Jets players, allegedly told them to handle this matter away from the public eye.

On January 18th, 2011 a third massage therapist has come public in the alleged texting incident, not just with the former Jets QB but other Vikings players such as Aundrae Allison, Dwight Smith and Albert Young were allegedly named by Dusenberry. Regarding Albert Young, she also added that some racy pictures taken from his cell phone were allegedly sent to her, these pictures were posted by Deadspin.

It was at Deadspin that Stephanie Dusenberry wrote a letter and told them about her story with these NFL players, whom like I said some of them were part of the Vikings squad.

I am writing to inquire about who I need to purse legal action against Brent Favre. I am a massage MN and worked for the Viking the 2006 season and then started my own business”Therapist of Pro Athletes” in 2007 and have.continued with.several players since. I received a.text.from a Hattisburg.MS phone number saying this is Brent.with the.Vikings. do you have time to work tonight? No hurry.I’m alone. I told him I would not.come to his house and he said you don’t.know to not be touched by a woman for three weeks, come over and no one needs to know. I called the.Eden prairie police dept and filed a report immediately. Any help or guidance you could give me.would be appreciated.
Stephanie Dusenberry

According to the media, Stephanie Dahn-Dusenberry is an Eden Prairie, Minnesota native, she went to Simley High School in Inver grove Heights, MN where she graduated in 1997. After becoming a Certified Massage Therapist from Saint Croix Center For Healing Arts in Hudson, Wisconsin she began to work. Around 2006 she was hired by the Vikings, but some time later she resigned to start her own business. In 2007 she created ‘Therapist of Pro Athletes’.

At her own facility she also handles pregnancy massage, scar tissue release, reflexology as well as ‘myofascial release for various surgical procedures’. Her resume includes more than 12 years experience in her field.

After she left the Vikings, she kept on working with athletes, these athletes gave out her number, maybe or maybe not unaware that by giving her number they were not doing her a favor and giving her more potential clients, but turning her life into a living hell. Ms. Dusenberry, who was said to be quite an admirer of the former Jets player, felt excited about working with him, but her excitement quickly faded away when she got that alleged disgusting text from him, not so different from the ones she had been receiving from the other players.

“I was crying, I was so disappointed.” Stephanie said, the alleged text was something like this “you don’t know what it’s like to not be touched by a woman in three weeks”.

Alleged text? Didn’t she show those? According to her words, she doesn’t have them anymore she might be able to recover them from her phone log.

About Steph’s personal life we know that she is allegedly in a relationship with a guy we just know as Tim Mears, who according to her was with her when the alleged text was received. Like any other boyfriend he was furious, but she calmed him down.

Will we be hearing more about Stephanie Dusenberry? Do you think she is telling the truth? Do you expect more of Brett Favre’s massage therapists to come out publicly? Here’s the video!

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Stephanie Dusenberry Video

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2 Responses to “Stephanie Dusenberry: Brett Favre’s Other Massage Therapist”

  1. 1
    Denise Says:

    If you believe this story then you Areca sucker! I find it fishy that she would call the police and then don’t take them up on their offer to contact this so called harasser for her to tell them to stop! She said this happened last Sept, a month after the Jenn Steger mess dropped! In Oct the NFL investigates and does not come forward with her so called texts from the Vikings players and Favre! Give me a break!!!!! This woman wants her 15 mins just like those other two therapist who didn’t even get texts from Favre! The text went to a third woman who said she was not harassed by Favre! Stop reporting this he said she said has fact! It makes this site look stupid! Research before report gossip!

  2. 2
    Mitchell Says:

    It was serious enough for her to contact the police, but she did not keep the alleged messages?! The text messsages which she did not save had her in tears, but she kept the photo from the other player?! Come on! She writes to Deadspin to inquire about who to contact for legal action against Favre?! Are you kidding me here? And she, like the other massage therapists, only came forward because the NFL did not do enough to punish Favre? Wait a minute, if they wanted Favre punished maybe they should have offered their evidence to the League instead of acting like they are just trying to protect other women after the fact. I don’t buy it for a second.