James McOnie: Maria Sharapova’s Stalker

January 18, 2011

Have you heard about Maria Sharapova having a crazy stalker allegedly after her? His name is James McOnie, but isn’t he a sports reporter from New Zealand? How is he stalking her? When did the whole stalking thing start? Does she feel frightened? What does her boyfriend have to say? Keep reading to know all the steamy details about this news and check out the photos and video below.

Maria Sharapova

The news revealed just recently tells us about the sports reporter from the 30 minute sports television sow “The Crowd Goes Wild” broadcast by Prime TV in New Zealand, he is joined by Hayley Holt and Melodie Robinson. Additionally, Mr. McOnie is a columnist at The New Zealand Herald.

Earlier this month at the ASB Classic in NZ, the stunning Russian tennis player was at a press conference where James McOnie was among the many journalists eager to ask a question, but his comments were just simply out of place and really annoying, here is an example.

“Is there a hot Russians club where you get together? Suggesting if she and Anna Kounikova belong in that club, to this she answered “No. I didn’t know I was part of it. But no.” He also suggested he could be her personal shopping advisor since he has an impeccable sense of style.

Yeah right, we have seen how you dress James, apparently you do not.

Either way his next step was at her press conference, except this time she recognized him.

“You’re the guy from New Zealand, huh? Oh, God, you’re stalking me!”

“It’s not stalking if you love someone,” McOnie said with a smile and then she said to him, “It can be slightly, trust me.”

The worst thing came just this past Monday after her game with Tamarine Tanasugarn in Melbourne, once again he was at her press conference and this time he showed off his sarcastic, twisted sense of humor by showing off in what he presumes to be his great sense of style and a sign with “I’m Not A Stalker” written on it. FYI Mr. McOnie we think you are! Check out his picture with his sign here.

This is how she reacted when she saw him while that uncomfortable meeting went on.

“I don’t know why you’re here today, that shouldn’t have happened. You even have a sign. Oh, goodness, that’s wrong.”

OH My! Creepy, creepy so are you wondering what her boyfriend Sasha Vujacic said, are you wondering if he asked Ron Artest to beat the crap out of this jerk? Well, I can imagine he sure is mad about the whole stalking his girlfriend situation, I bet Ron or any of his other Laker buddies would love to teach this guy some common sense, but for the moment there is no information about his reaction.

Share all of your comments about Maria Sharapova’s alleged crazy stalker. Tell us if you think he is really stalking or has a twisted sense of humor? Feel free to share any additional information about James McOnie, while you think about that take a look at the photos and video of that strange press conference below.

Maria Sharapova photoMaria Sharapova photosMaria Sharapova pictureMaria Sharapova pictures
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Maria Sharapova and James McOnie Videos

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Graig Harris, HRC, Tony Clark

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