Venus Williams’ Short Dress Talk of Australian Open Tennis Match

January 18, 2011

It certainly is the talk of the Australian Open but are people making too big of a deal about Venus Williams’ short dress? Let’s face it, Venus in a barely there outfit isn’t really anything new, you can find out more on this hot topic when you keep reading.

Venus Williams Short Dress

Venus Williams’ short dress that she wore at an Australian Open tennis match has people talking and the Internet a buzz with gossip about her but once again it is not for her stellar skills on the court. Yes, it is another Venus wardrobe stunt and quite frankly I think it is getting really old.

According to numerous reports like USA Today, Williams appeared on the court ready to take on Sara Errani today wearing a very short aqua blue “Illusion“ dress, that is what Venus called it and black biker shorts. You can check out pictures of the get up here, thanks to our friends at Celebrity Dirty Laundry. Remember, it is not a shirt and shorts. Williams has stated that at the last minute she decided to wear black shorts as opposed to ones that look au naturel so she would not look like she was going commando. This is not the first time such controversy has surrounded Venus, remember the French Open last year, if not check out a video from that below.

Although Venus beat Sara Errani it isn’t the game or her talent but her latest wardrobe choice that has people buzzing. Personally I am not a big fan of the sport but I tend to agree that Venus Williams’ short dress at an Australian Open tennis match was unnecessary. Are people making too big of a deal of it nope, I don’t think so. I am no expert but I would think that her particular outfit of choice would be not only distracting to her opponent but seriously not comfortable to wear at all. How in the world can she even play in that get up? Here is what I think Venus, save your designing skills for clothes you wear off the court not on the court. That of course is just my two cents, as always I want to hear your thoughts so let me know.

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Photos: Daly/HRC

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