Jasmine Shein: Clippers’ Blake Griffin’s Girlfriend

January 18, 2011

Do you want to know who Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin’s rumored girlfriend is? Well, she is a stunning brunette named Jasmine Shein, some say she is in fact dating Griffin others say the contrary, but either way we will find out more about her, you know just in case. Besides she is a stunner, so keep reading our story and check out some of Jasmine’s photos and video below.

Jasmine Shein

So the story starts with a 21 year old young basketball player from Oklahoma. He became a fantastic player as an Oklahoma Sooner at the University of Oklahoma, drafted in 2009 during the NBA draft and signed as the new power forward for the Los Angeles Clippers. That same year he was named NBA Western Conference and two-time Rookie of the Month and Sports Illustrated, Sporting News and Fox Sports named him Player of the Year. These days his achievements with the Clippers continue to bring his name in papers and news all over the nation, but today it was his personal life that became the center of yours and our attention, as a girl’s name was heard and referred to be his girlfriend, that girly girl is Jasmine Shein and we definitely want to check her out.

Our girl Jasmine, a North Bergen, New Jersey native and a student at the University of Southern California, will be graduating with a degree in Business Management this year. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Besides watching her boyfriend’s games, Jasmine likes to run, hang out with friends, practice yoga and spinning. American Idol and Law & Order are some of her favorite television shows. As far as music, she likes to listen to Lil’ Wayne, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift and check it out she has Bieber fever as she also enjoys listening to the newest teen sensation.

So how did her alleged relationship with the Clipper become public? Well, according to these guys, Jasmine herself told some guy she was Griffin’s girlfriend plus she added her name. Terez Owens was among the first ones to release the news of the stunning brunette said to be his lady after that, well her name and picture became viral everywhere. It has been rumored that they first met via Facebook, after that they have been cuddling for the past couple of months.

Although there are some others who have respectfully disagreed and said that they don’t even know each other, so I wonder who has it right? Well that doesn’t matter because this gal is gorgeous and an excellent prospect to fit into the Sports WAG kingdom, don’t you agree?

Have any doubts? Why don’t you take a look at Jasmine Shein’s photos, help us with your comments and enlighten us with any other additional information you might have about Blake Griffin’s girlfriend, but don’t forget to check out the cool video below.

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