Brianne Hague: MMA Fighter Tim Hague’s Wife

January 17, 2011

Meet Mrs. Brianne Hague, she is the beautiful, loving and amazing wife of MMA wrestler Tim Hague. What do we know about her? When and where did they meet? When did they get married? Any children together? Keep reading our story to know more about her, their marriage, children and don’t forget to take a look at the photos and video below.

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To begin with our story, let’s take a look at her husband’s fabulous career. He is the 27 year old wrestler born in Alberta, Canada. Besides being a mixed martial art wrestler, he is a graduate from the University of Alberta and Augustana (Elementary Education and B.A in Arts). His career in the UFC began in 2008, was released in 2009, and in April 2010 and released a month later. His fantastic knockout records got him inside the UFC once again for Fight For The Troops.

Stunning Brianne Hague lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada with her super fabulous MMA hubby and their gorgeous son Brady who came into their lives in August 2008. With her 100 kilowatt smile, strawberry blond hair, flawless face and amazing body, Mrs. Hague has called media attention more than once and today this amazing, loving and caring wife and mother called our attention, sadly there isn’t much information about beautiful Mrs. Hague, but the little we found out we are going to share with you.

Brianne Millie became Mrs. Hague in 2008. She is an amazing Canadian, lives a normal life away from all the craziness of showbiz. She enjoys spending time with her hubby and takes care of her two year old son Brady, absolutely loves to dance or be with her family and friends either hanging out or going shopping. She enjoys watching some of her favorite television shows like the Real Housewives, Big Brother, The Girls Next Door, The Bachelor and movies like Zoolander, Old School, Dodgeball, Braveheart and the Gangs of New York.

So how does a sweet, gentle girl and so grounded like her handle a guy whose nickname is The Thrashing Machine? Don’t be so judgmental here, he might be a tough guy in the cage, but don’t you remember he used to be a kindergarten teacher before becoming a wrestler? He is a really sweet guy at home and she has no complaints about how incredible their life is except for the punching and kicking thing, that she just can’t stand to watch, everything is a dream come true.

In her hubby words, when he is fighting she would “cover her head, plug her ears, or run to the bathroom,” and confirmed his statement.

“I’m usually the one hiding in the bathroom crying the whole time. But I toughed it out (Saturday) because this is the UFC — I just kept my head covered and didn’t know what was going on. … This is where his heart is. When he told me he was leaving teaching for this, I just wanted him to be happy. It’s scary, but he loves it. If the time comes where he wants to go back to teaching kindergartners, I’ll be for that. It will be a lot safer.”

We can’t blame her, it must be really hard and difficult to see your husband getting beat down pretty bad, I wonder if Mrs. Brianne Hague will be at Fight Night 23 supporting her fabulous hubby? What do you think? I guess she will be, she has been and continues to be a big support for him, her most loyal fan.
Tell us, do you have any additional information about Tim Hague’s picture perfect wife? Check out her photos and video below.

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