Jennifer McDaniel Is Hulk Hogan’s Girlfriend (Photos)

April 1, 2008

Meet Jennifer McDaniel, the new girlfriend of Hulk Hogan. See photos and a biography of Jennifer below.

Jennifer McDaniel

Photos of Jennifer and the Hulkster have been posted throughout the blogosphere, as they were snapped when they arrived at LAX, and upon first glance I thought the woman was actually Brooke. Creeeeepy. She could be Brooke’s long lost twin. Hmmm, I wonder how Brookie feels about this? First, her father goes and has an affair with one of her best friends while still married to Linda and now this. Of course, some will argue that Jennifer looks much like Linda, but I think she’s a dead ringer for Brooke.

Of course, a biography of Jennifer McDaniel is quite scant. If you have any information on her, leave me a comment below! There is speculation that she is a makeup artist, but we don’t know for sure. How old would you say Jennifer is? 20’s? 30’s?

More photos of Jennifer McDaniel can be found below.

Jennifer McDanielJennifer McDanielJennifer McDanielJennifer McDaniel

Photos:, Chris Connor/, Judy Eddy /

See more photos of Jennifer here.

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41 Responses to “Jennifer McDaniel Is Hulk Hogan’s Girlfriend (Photos)”

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  1. 1
    A friend of Jen Says:

    She is a great person and I’m so glad you fools can’t figure out who she is….You are all so far off base it is awesome!!!!! Have fun chasing your tails!!!

  2. 2
    A guy that knows her Says:

    I’m best friends with her ex fiance- She’s from KY and she used to work for Delta. She was engaged to my friend for a few tumultuous years. Looks like she got her golden ticket with Hulk Hogan’s old balls!

  3. 3
    I knew her too Says:

    I know her from the strip club in Ft. Lauderdale. She used to work there. That’s probably where she met the hulkster. I agree with the last comment – she found her golden ticket outta there with his 60 year old wrinkled dong and saggy leather man tits.

  4. 4
    Someone who worked with her Says:

    Ohh wow. Sure enough, that is Jennifer from northern KY. We worked together (for Delta) at the Cincinnati airport. She dated G.W. from Delta for a while. She worked on the ramp and as a ticketing agent. I remember she was always into fitness and working out. Real nice girl.

  5. 5
    Always a nice girl Says:

    Worked with Jen at Delta in KY. Have not talked to her sence she moved to Florida with her now ex. Always a nice girl.

  6. 6
    delta girl Says:

    She is not an actress or a makeup artist she left delta to become a stripper!

  7. 7
    delta girl Says:

    She is not a makeup artist or an actress.
    She left
    delta airlines reservations to become a stripper!

  8. 8
    Jen's Friend Says:

    Jen is a Beautiful woman with a great heart and a free spirit! Who really cares why she left Delta?! She seems to be doing better than Delta folk these days anyway. I wish you the best Jen!

  9. 9
    atlsucks Says:

    lucky her at least she made it out of delta, i was forced to atlanta to keep my job.

  10. 10
    A friend of Jen Says:

    delta girl is bitter, tell me, has Jen ever so much as uttered a negative word in your direction? I highly doubt it.

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