Dana Grady: Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

January 15, 2011

Meet Dana Grady, she is Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco’s girlfriend. Have you ever seen her? Where did they meet? How long have they been dating? Are they getting married soon? Keep reading to find out about this stunning NFL WAG and don’t miss the photos and video after the jump. (The women in the pictures are not Dana, but you can see her in our great links in our story).

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Dana Grady’s boyfriend is the fantastic 25 year old quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, his team is fighting the Steelers during playoffs. He went to Aubudon High School in Audubon, New Jersey where he was born and grew up. He went to the University of Delaware and was drafted during the 2008 NFL Draft. With the Ravens he has been awarded with the AFC Offensive Player of the Week award as well as NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month and was named 2008 Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year Award Winner. What can we tell you about his loved one?

Sadly there isn’t much information about Dana, she might be from New Jersey like her boyfriend, they went to Aubudon high School together in fact she was in his class, after some time as friends they decided to take their relationship to the next level and started dating around their senior year, she went to college and worked as an X-ray technician.

After he became a Raven they managed to handle their long time relationship, she stayed in New Jersey where she worked long hours at Cooper Hospital, even with all that hard work and without having her boyfriend by her side she became a very supportive loving girlfriend and according to what some sources close to them said he was a model boyfriend as well.

These days Grady is by his side at some of his games with the Ravens, and although she likes to keep a low profile everybody knows her in Baltimore and at her neighborhood in Pikesville in Maryland where she lives with her handsome boyfriend and her brother in-law, uncomfortable? Lack of privacy? No way, for Dana her bro-in law Mike is like a brother to her and she loves to have him around.

For the moment we haven’t heard anything related to walking the aisle from this lovely couple, but we can imagine we will be hearing about it pretty soon. Some media reported that she once dressed up like Snooki from Jersey Shore for a Halloween party while her beau was a new and cuter version of the Situation, for some media pictures of them at that party are the only ones they possess of her, I am telling you this gal really likes and knows how to keep her life private. But you can see Dana’s picture here.

But we wouldn’t mind some details you might know about her, so what do you know? Check out the photos and video below.

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