Janey Williams: Ted Williams’ Daughter (Video)

January 12, 2011

We all remember who Ted Williams is, he is the homeless man who is now the new announcer for the Cleveland Cavaliers, now meet his daughter Janey Williams, she recently reunited with her famous father but why was the Police involved in their family reunion? Did she say her father was drinking again? This won’t be good news for Grandma Julia, if you want to find out more about this news and about Ms. Williams check out the rest of our story plus take a look at the photos and video below.

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Janey Williams’ father was a military veteran and a radio announcer. His addictions left him on the streets leaving behind his beloved ones, his mother, his wife and his children. He was recently rediscovered in Ohio with a banner with the words Golden Voice on it, he sure has impressive vocal chords, the same ones he kept on promising his mother one day would make him famous, but alcohol and drugs broke promise after promise, apparently not anymore as he has become the Cleveland Cavaliers new announcer, among others new job opportunities. But according to one of his children she said her father allegedly hasn’t quit drinking and this revelation won’t make many very happy about him, especially grandma who begged him not to disappoint her, remember her?

Well we also had a chance to see her 58 year old mother Patricia Kirtley, who split from her husband 23 years ago leaving her with four young daughters and a baby boy who he fathered with another woman who allegedly was a drug addict, Mrs. Kirtley is partially blind and she proudly spoke about the great children she calls her survivors.

“My children are survivors. They know if we get a little bit that God provides, we make it into a lot. I’m a soup maker. I make potato soup and throw in a lot of vegetables and a little meat. We always ate.”

The Media was interested in bringing Janey, her siblings and her momma back to their estranged father, the man in charge of that family reunion was Dr. Phil but the reunion didn’t go as well as it was planned to.

29 year old Ms. Williams met her father at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa but according to Entertainment Tonight what she found got her really angry at her father.

“He has consumed at least a bottle of Gray Goose a night. That’s not including the Coronas he ordered, that’s not including the Budweisers he ordered, the other alcohol, the wines. He drinks heavily.”

She added that he allegedly called her fat but that’s not exactly what her father said what happened that day.

I wanted to bring it to a close by just saying ‘shut the hell up and let me talk to your mother. When that was said out of my mouth, my daughter exploded … fists started flying, none of which were mine, none of which were mine, but it could have escalated to the point where it could have gotten really ugly. So in the process of doing that, I got scratched on my face.” He added that she threatened him to sell the story.

The incident that occurred on Monday night ended up with the Police showing up and almost arresting both of them, after some time talking and calming them they were released.

Don’t miss Dr. Phil with the special appearances of Janey Williams and her father, you will be shocked! Share your comments with us about this story and give us any additional information you’d like to share plus don’t miss the photos and videos below.

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